Natural Hair Debate | Relaxer Free vs. Chemical Free

Natural Hair Debate Relaxer Free versus Chemical Free - Longing 4 Length

I'm so over the natural hair hype.  Before all my hardcore naturalistas crucify me, please give me a chance to explain!  I admire and appreciate healthy hair no matter what type or texture - straightened, relaxed, natural, wavy, kinky, curly and everything in between.  However, I'm tired of the division it has brought to black women and the self righteous indignation some women think having "natural hair" qualifies them to feel.  Lastly, I'm … [Read more...]

The “Straight” Natural Hair Debate

L4L 3.19-1

Last weekend I had my naturally curly hair professionally straightened using the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. The reaction from family, friends and even strangers has been...interesting. To say the least. I've never lived for anyone else. Likewise I've never styled my hair for anyone else. But, from the reactions I've been receiving you would think I have. After seeing my hair straight for the first time a co-worker told me … [Read more...]

A Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length

I’ve been natural about 5 years now (including my transition) and I must say that I have had my share of highs and lows with my tresses. See I kinda have a love hate relationship with my natural hair. You may be wondering if that’s even possible but trust me it is.  My hair, just like with anything else in life when its good it’s good but when its bad oh man…it’s bad. And we all know how a bad hair day can affect everything else. … [Read more...]

Shampoo Bars v. Liquid Shampoo

Shampoo Bar versus Liquid Shampoo - Longing 4 Length

If you’re like me then you’ve tried pretty much every product or type of product on the market. I have been natural since November 2009 so I enjoy experimenting but I don’t enjoy how time consuming and expensive it can be sometimes. But one of my new favorites are shampoo bars. Shampoo Bars are a relatively new concept and they're becoming more popular as more companies (especially small businesses) make them. My first Shampoo Bar was … [Read more...]

When I Come Unwigged, What’s Next?!

Owigs Full Lace Wig Review (2) (800x450)

I haven't updated on MY hair the entire six weeks I've been wearing my Owigs full lace unit but I've kept up with my simple wig regimen of using my moisturizing spritz and co-washing.  I feel as if I grew about a half inch and hopefully upon take down, won't suffer any breakage.  I can't wait to enjoy my hair for a little while and more importantly access its health - specifically speaking my ends.  I do not intend to do a trim, I'd prefer to … [Read more...]

Going Natural: How to Help Friends Decide

Going Natural Helping Friends Decide (1) - Longing 4 Length

November 2013 was my four year Curliversary! I completely forgot to mention it on social media or somewhere…oh well. Happy Curliversary to Farrah! (That’s my hair’s name. Lol.) Going natural was one of the best decisions I've ever made. For me the decision wasn’t really for cosmetic reasons but more for health. After watching the movie Good Hair by Chris Rock I was determined to try the "natural thing" out of fear. Fear that the … [Read more...]

You MUST Speak Up at the Salon!


Recently I visited a professional to have my hair braided for wig wear.  When I sat down, the stylist began combing my hair with a small tooth comb.  She only did about four rakes before I stopped her and asked "Are you using a small toothed comb?"  She replied no, and showed me this tiny little comb with a ton of my hair in it!  I was horrified! "Do you have a wide tooth comb instead?"  Now this stylist - who I really like - is a … [Read more...]

Avoiding Natural Hair Boredom

As you all know I recently had box braids. They were in for almost two months and it was glorious. One of the things I love about natural hair is the versatility, this month is my four year curliversary and I’m loving every minute of it! But, it can be hard not to get bored with natural hair. It takes so much time JUST to wash and condition your hair that once you’re done with that often you have NO time (or desire) to experiment with your … [Read more...]