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Happy New Year! I pray everyone had a fantastic holiday season as I did.  I went home to New Jersey, ended up NOT doing my hair and just wearing my new favorite wig....and had an amazing time! Everyone just loves me in that unit, which brings me to the first update of 2015 - hair, of course! I'm approximately 70-ish weeks post relaxer and my rough estimation is that 75% of my hair is relaxer free.  My hair is extremely layered and I … [Read more...]

Hair Update & Faux Length Check!

Flat Ironed Hair Blunt Bangs - Longing 4 Length

I've been trying to wait to update until I had some really great photos and a perfect length check, but that is definitely not going to happen until I have my hair done again (which will be VERY soon!).  So rather than keep you in suspense, I decided to just give you a quick update on what has been going on with my hair lately - because I just know all of you are waiting with baited breath, right? ;-) I removed my braids after wearing for … [Read more...]



Of course not!!!! Just a quick mobile post til later and I can give you all the deets on my new wig (pssst its a full lace unit) and the condition of my hair.  I took my sew in down over the Labor Day holiday and after washing and deep conditioning, I promptly braided it up til relaxer day. I have so much more to say but to preserve my thumb dexterity,  I'll wait until I'm at an actual computer - not typing my phone - to tell you about it. Lol! … [Read more...]

About the lack of HAIR posts…

Weave Removal - VFH Bob-001

So, you may be wondering why its been a couple of weeks since you've seen a wash day post, hairstyle photos, or just a plain ole' hair update from me.  Well, okay maybe you aren't.  But if you are - its because my hair has been hidden.  I removed my sew in on June 30th, right before I went on vacation to Chicago (you may have seen a few photos on Instagram @EbonyCPrincess).  As I already expressed, I will update you on that process but in a … [Read more...]

Salon Visit & Hair Update

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil Review

I was so excited for my salon visit last week a few weeks ago (sorry it took me so long to update you)!  I know it is quite popular in the online healthy hair world for women to be super proud of the fact that they never visit the salon anymore and do everything themselves, but that is so not me.  A good stylist can turn your hair out like you can only dream to do at home, in my humble opinion.  The major issue for me is finding a stylist you … [Read more...]

What I’ve Been Doing Differently With My Hair

I told you in yesterday's wash day post how amazing my hair has felt lately.  Not just to the touch, but the appearance as well.  Plus when I do the stretch test on shed hair…it seems like it has the absolute perfect balance of moisture and protein.  My ends are not split and it appears to be thick from root to tip (finally!).  It’s shiny and smooth.  I’m so happy with the state of my hair that I decided to document what I have been … [Read more...]