A Simple Healthy Hair Regimen for All Hair Types

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Where should you start when formulating your own healthy hair regimen?  This is probably the number one question I receive via email from L4L readers.   The women range from relaxed  to natural to transitioners and even those that don't know what they want to do!  The underlying theme after describing their personal hair story is "I want healthy hair...HELP!"  While I understand your frustration, especially if Longing 4 Length is the first … [Read more...]

What You Absolutely Need to Start Your Hair Journey

what you absolutely need to start your hair journey

Whenever I am around my family and “offline” friends I am usually asked about what they should buy to make their hair grow.  I know, I know…a loaded question right?  Rather than launch into a litany about how everyone’s hair grows and lecture them on debunking the myth, I simply explain that the secret to having long hair is retaining what you grow.  The basic key to length retention, in my opinion, is keeping your hair moisturized and … [Read more...]

FAQs: My Thoughts on MY Hair

My starting length - see how short some of those layers are?!?!

I was recently asked why it seems to be taking me a long time to reach my hair length goals.  A very valid question since I have been on my hair journey since 2009.  Shouldn't I be further along (lengthwise) by now?  I also receive several emails per week asking why I don't stretch my relaxers beyond 12 weeks, why I don't texlax and if I think those things are necessary.  I am not at all offended by your asking, that's why I'm here right? … [Read more...]

The “Hair 5″

KayTee at Haute Pink Heels did an interesting post called The Natural Five (check out her version here) where she listed the five most commonly asked questions she receives as a natural.  Obviously, I'm not natural....but I will list the five most commonly asked questions in response to my healthy hair: Are you natural?  I assume I am asked this often because I wear braidouts and stretch my relaxers a bit.  Or perhaps it is because of the … [Read more...]