Heat Training Versus Heat Damage

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Now that I am nearly natural (relaxer-free) I have started applying heat more frequently to my hair.  When I used chemicals to relax my kinks and coils, I could air dry and style - buns, braid/twist outs and updos.  If I wanted a sleek, straight look with bounce and body, roller sets were my friend!  However, with my texture being so tightly coiled, I find that blow drying is the quickest and best way to stretch my natural hair. I will … [Read more...]

5 Hair Practices I Need to Restart!

5 Hair Practices I Need to Revisit - Longing 4 Length

It happens with anything in life - we start something new with enthusiasm, vigor and excitement but as time moves along our energy wanes.  Specifically in our healthy hair journeys, once we achieve health and continue to grow we trade in some of our more complicated practices in favor of shorter, more simplistic regimens.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, but sometimes we move away from things that were essential to achieving healthy hair … [Read more...]

Is Trichorrhexis Nodosa Affecting Your Length Retention?

trichorrhexis nodosa - longing 4 length -ebonycprincess

Trichorrhexis nodosa is a problem in which thickened or weak points (nodes) along the hair shaft cause your hair to break off easily.[i]  I've noticed a recent trend in the healthy hair world - mostly among relaxed girls – of not being able to retain "nice" ends beyond a certain length.   It does not seem to matter the hair type, texture or length for some of us once we hit a certain point (myself included), our ends begin to thin leaving us … [Read more...]

Going Natural: How to Help Friends Decide

Going Natural Helping Friends Decide (1) - Longing 4 Length

November 2013 was my four year Curliversary! I completely forgot to mention it on social media or somewhere…oh well. Happy Curliversary to Farrah! (That’s my hair’s name. Lol.) Going natural was one of the best decisions I've ever made. For me the decision wasn’t really for cosmetic reasons but more for health. After watching the movie Good Hair by Chris Rock I was determined to try the "natural thing" out of fear. Fear that the … [Read more...]

You MUST Speak Up at the Salon!


Recently I visited a professional to have my hair braided for wig wear.  When I sat down, the stylist began combing my hair with a small tooth comb.  She only did about four rakes before I stopped her and asked "Are you using a small toothed comb?"  She replied no, and showed me this tiny little comb with a ton of my hair in it!  I was horrified! "Do you have a wide tooth comb instead?"  Now this stylist - who I really like - is a … [Read more...]

Avoiding Natural Hair Boredom


As you all know I recently had box braids. They were in for almost two months and it was glorious. One of the things I love about natural hair is the versatility, this month is my four year curliversary and I’m loving every minute of it! But, it can be hard not to get bored with natural hair. It takes so much time JUST to wash and condition your hair that once you’re done with that often you have NO time (or desire) to experiment with your … [Read more...]

A Simple Healthy Hair Regimen for All Hair Types

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Where should you start when formulating your own healthy hair regimen?  This is probably the number one question I receive via email from L4L readers.   The women range from relaxed  to natural to transitioners and even those that don't know what they want to do!  The underlying theme after describing their personal hair story is "I want healthy hair...HELP!"  While I understand your frustration, especially if Longing 4 Length is the first … [Read more...]

Natural Hair Pre-Protective Styling Dos and Don’ts


As you know from my last post, I had box braids installed in my hair a few weeks ago. I have been in love with the versatility of my hair but even more I have been spoiled by my hassle-free, no-fuss mornings and weekends. It has been nice not having to wash and style my hair (as frequently). There were a few things I did to prepare my hair for the install. Before adding additional hair for protective styling here are some of the things you should … [Read more...]