How to Do a Moon Manicure

how to do a moon manicure

Some of you noticed my nails in my recent YouTube videos.  I gave myself a moon manicure, which became very popular the last couple of years after being worn on the runways during fashion week.  Designer Kat Von D evidently always wears her nails in a traditional moon manicure, which is an ode to the 1930's era she loves.  The first time I attempted this mani, I was sooooo not successful.  I made a few changes and this time it turned out … [Read more...]

OPI You’re Such a Budapest &

OPI You're Such a Budapest

This week's manicure are two new polishes to my collection but before you go thinking I've lost all control of my shopping faculties - these two were gifted to me!  I actually wanted to purchase these when I hauled the other polishes from the OPI Euro Centrale Collection but they weren't in stock.  My friend heard me whining, er uh...talking about having missed out on them and when she saw them while shopping she scooped them up for me.  So … [Read more...]

Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial

Striping Tape Nail Art

Striping tape nail art is sublimely easy and practically foolproof.  I promise this is something all of you can not only do but master!  As usual, below is a video tutorial and the supplies and step by step instructions are also provided.  Enjoy! httpv:// Striping Tape Nail Art Tutorial: Supplies: Basecoat Nail striping tape:  I purchased this pack from Amazon. Glitter nail polish Nail … [Read more...]

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat Review

I posted a photo of this product on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) when I received it because I was curious about its performance.  Now, I am TOO excited to report my full Julep Freedom Polymer Top Coat review because it is HANDS DOWN the absolute best top coat I have ever used.  At the salon, at home, at the spa…anywhere!  Just in case you are unfamiliar with Julep Maven – I’ve done a full review but in a nutshell it is a nail polish and … [Read more...]

MANICure Monday: Zoya Gemma with Flower Nail Art

flower nail art

Since I’ve challenged myself to use each and every nail polish before purchasing more, my weekly manicures have become a lot more fun and if you haven’t noticed I’ve returned to doing some nail art!  I’m a bit rusty but quite happy that the joy of creating new designs to use more than one polish in the same manicure.  Funny I’m noticing that I gravitate towards grabbing polishes I’ve already used and love, which is why this … [Read more...]

Leopard Nails with a Pop of Red!

leopard print nails tutorial

I saw this manicure by one of our L4LPSC participants (@ItsmeNicciB) and immediately fell in love!  I let her know I'd be recreating it and sure enough, this week for Valentine's Day I thought it was quite appropriate so I grabbed my neutral, red and black polishes and went to work.  I decided against doing a video tutorial because it really is not that complicated, plus there are a lot of leopard nails how-to tutorials posted online already. … [Read more...]

China Glaze Tranzitions Demo & Colorblock Nail Art Tutorial

China Glaze Tranzitions

I was so excited about the release of the China Glaze Tranzitions collection that I literally bought four colors the week they were released (before my no-buy went into effect!). I try not to get too into trendy polishes because the last time I went HAM for a special effects collection with the whole shatter/crackle phenomenon it came and went so quickly, it reminded me of the rise and fall of Karl Kani.  Or Fubu.  Or any of the other clothing … [Read more...]

Nail Polish Haul & No Buy Polish Challenge

nail polish haul

I'm not sure if you've noticed but I have a slight nail polish addiction.  Nothing alarming...but those in my life who aren't bloggers and have never seen a nail polish collection on YouTube often react to my lil' ole 125 or so bottles like I've literally lost every ounce of sense in my head!  If I had a dollar for every time my grandmother has said "You only have 10 fingers!" or "You can only wear one color at a time!"  (which clearly is not … [Read more...]