Manicure Mania! Tons of Nail Art

nails nail art manicures

I've fallen back into my old tricks - posting pics of my manicures each week on Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) but not sharing with you here.  So I decided to do a massive collective post showing all of the manicures I've done from the past couple of months.  Get it go! As you can see, I've truly been feeling dotticure nails!  I'm trying to tell you, a set of dotting tools only costs around $1 (including shipping) and the … [Read more...]

A Different Kind of Gradient Nails!


It's been way too long since I've shared nail photos, let alone a tutorial!  With the advent of the almighty Instagram, I'm just more apt to snap a quick pic with my cell phone and share than to upload here to the blog!  Which is really sad because I like sharing my thoughts on my various manicures, my impressions and opinions about the polish and of course tutorials!  Today's nail art is another gradient nails tutorial, but different than the … [Read more...]

Neon Abstract Nail Art Tutorial

neon abstract nail art tutorial

This is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite nail art designs to date!!!  It was inspired by a nail tech I follow via Instagram (NailsbyS0phia) - her design was soooooo flyy, I immediately took a screen shot.  For some reason I am really in love with using this neon yellow color as an accent - with everything from earrings to shoes and clutch bags, and I feel these nails set off any outfit!  I felt a lil like an Around the Way Girl with such … [Read more...]

Springtime Watercolor Nail Art Tutorial

watercolor nail art tutorial

I had caught a few watercolor nail art tutorials around the web for the past several months or so before finding a technique that was quick and easy enough for me to try.  In general, I don't like complicated nail art - although I'm sure some of you may beg to differ.  This was my first time doing watercolor nails, and I only wore them while on vacation, but I must say I did like the look and I'm sure my next attempt will be even better. … [Read more...]

Henna Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

henna inspired nail art

How much do you love this henna inspired nail art?!  I'll be honest, it isn't very easy to do but compared to the intricacies of most actual henna designs, I think it is very straightforward and simple.  I love the results and I can't count the number of compliments and comments I received on my nails while wearing it.  It is difficult to explain how to do this design so check out the tutorial below.  Don't worry - I walk you through it … [Read more...]

Dotticure Nails

dotticure nails

I've been truly slacking on taking pics of my manicures each week and even if I do, the pics never seem to make it to the blog!  If you follow me on Instagram @EbonyCPrincess, you have a better chance of seeing my current nail polish.  And even there, I've been off my game!  A couple of weeks ago I had the BOMB purple polish with a fishtail accent nail and I have no photos!  By the time I thought about it, the mani had lost its luster and I … [Read more...]

Love in Black & White Nail Art

nail art tutorial

Lately I've been super creative with my nail art, right?!  I drew inspiration from a few pics on Instagram I've seen over the past week, don't ask which ones because I follow so many nailistas that I couldn't tell you if I tried.  I'm calling this tutorial Love in Black & White, enjoy! httpv:// I received a request a while ago to do a video on how to get started with nail art, the tools and items you … [Read more...]

Pretty in Pink Bows & Dots Nail Art Tutorial

longing 4 length nail art

I actually found time to not only do an intricate nail art design but also record it this week!  Go me!  It's super cute, in my opinion, but rather simple to create.  First gather your supplies:  light pink, dark pink, white nail polishes, a two ended dotting tool, small nail art brush and black and white nail art polishes. To begin, paint your middle finger white and the remaining fingers light pink.  Then simply follow the tutorial … [Read more...]