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#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: How To Silk Wrap Your Hair

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For a video tutorial, check out How to Rollerwrap Your Hair. … [Read more...]

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Healthy Hair Swim Tips for ALL Hair Types


With Spring being right around the corner, the weather will soon be warm enough to swim whether for recreation or as our workout like Ebony. While swimming is great exercise and always fun, we must take extra precautions to protect our tresses from the harsh chlorine and salt water that’s known to wreak havoc on our hair. Here are some tips to save your hair before, during and after you go for a swim. Before DO Wet Your Hair with Water … [Read more...]

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Spring Cleaning Your Natural Hair

Spring Cleaning 2

Spring is finally here! And despite Mother Nature’s unwillingness to let go of the cold, I’m excited and ready for the warmer months ahead…but I’m not so sure I can say the same for my natural hair. The winter weather (and all that comes with it) can sometimes wreak havoc on your tresses. And with the warmer temps literally right around the corner, it’s time to get those curls poppin’ and ready! I've created a "Spring Cleaning Your … [Read more...]

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Natural Hair Products I’ve Watched Come & Go

Natural Hair Product Fads - Longing 4 Length

The beginning of my natural hair journey was a bit overwhelming, as it is for most naturalistas. We are all on the hunt for the perfect products, miracle-working hair tools and the simplest most effective techniques to help manage our natural hair. And early on I was willing to try them all if necessary. But I’m so glad that I didn’t! Over the past 5 years or so, there have been so many natural hair products I’ve watched come and … [Read more...]

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The “Straight” Natural Hair Debate

L4L 3.19-1

Last weekend I had my naturally curly hair professionally straightened using the Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System. The reaction from family, friends and even strangers has been...interesting. To say the least. I've never lived for anyone else. Likewise I've never styled my hair for anyone else. But, from the reactions I've been receiving you would think I have. After seeing my hair straight for the first time a co-worker told me … [Read more...]

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Are There Enough Natural Hair Care Lines Already?


This weekend I decided to delve into answering the emails I have allowed to pile up over the last few weeks.  I had more than a few requests for reviews from various new "natural" hair care lines.  I place quotations around the word natural for a few reasons:  First, as I've said so many times, the product does not know if your hair is relaxed or natural.  If it is a shampoo or co-wash product...will it not clean chemically treated hair? … [Read more...]

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A Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

Love Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair - Longing 4 Length

I’ve been natural about 5 years now (including my transition) and I must say that I have had my share of highs and lows with my tresses. See I kinda have a love hate relationship with my natural hair. You may be wondering if that’s even possible but trust me it is.  My hair, just like with anything else in life when its good it’s good but when its bad oh man…it’s bad. And we all know how a bad hair day can affect everything else. … [Read more...]

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Shampoo Bars v. Liquid Shampoo

Shampoo Bar versus Liquid Shampoo - Longing 4 Length

If you’re like me then you’ve tried pretty much every product or type of product on the market. I have been natural since November 2009 so I enjoy experimenting but I don’t enjoy how time consuming and expensive it can be sometimes. But one of my new favorites are shampoo bars. Shampoo Bars are a relatively new concept and they're becoming more popular as more companies (especially small businesses) make them. My first Shampoo Bar was … [Read more...]

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