Crochet Braids | Best Tutorials on the Net!

Best Crochet Braid Styles - Longing 4 Length

I'm continuing my series on crochet braids by sharing my favorite styling tutorials.  There are tons of different looks you can create with this style, and of course it's NOT just for naturalistas!  Crochet braids are a great protective style for any hair type and texture.  In fact, its a great way for relaxed ladies to temporarily have the "natural look" while still having straight hair.  It also is a great style to help you transition to … [Read more...]

#DoYou Fearless Style Lounge with Motions Hair

Essence Motions Fearless Style Lounge NYC

These past few months I've loved the hairstyles created by ​Ebony with the Motions Hair line as well as other popular ​vloggers.​ So, when I heard Motions and Essence were bringing the Fearless Style Lounge and ​#DoYou​ movement to NYC along with Ursula Stephen I quickly RSVPd "yes". On September 10th the Fearless Style Lounge in NYC was held at Salon SCK in Midtown Manhattan, a swanky, modern salon. The space was filled with … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: Hairstyles for Transitioning Hair!

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

Attempting to blend the your newly growing kinks and coils with your chemically straightened tresses is the bane of every woman who has ever grown out their relaxer!  There are two obvious options - wear your hair flat ironed all the time or hide it away in braids or a weave.  But for those who do not wish to do either, there are a few styles that work to camouflage the difference between your natural and relaxed hair textures without causing … [Read more...]

DIY Recipes for Natural Hair

DIY Recipes for Natural Hair -

There are so many different DIY recipes out there for natural hair! Many recipes are simple and require fairly inexpensive ingredients; making DIY recipes for natural hair fun and affordable! The key (however) to a successful DIY recipe for natural hair is researching the ingredients and the effects they may have on your natural hair. Below are few DIY recipes for natural hair that I’ve tried… Whipped Coconut Shea Butter Mix 2-3 … [Read more...]

Maintaining Straight Natural Hair in the Summer

Straight Natural Hair

If you've been with L4L for a little while or follow me on social media then you probably know that I had my hair straightened a few months ago. One of the things I was worried about the most was how to maintain my straight natural hair but it was super easy. I've been thinking about straightening it again but I know that there are a  few more concerns maintaining straight hair in the summer rather than cooler months so I wanted to share … [Read more...]

Senegalese Twists | My Summer Protective Style

Senegalese Twists - Longing 4 Length

For several weeks now, I planned to wear box braids as my summer protective style but at the last minute began to consider Senegalese twists instead.  I asked all L4L Facebook fans which style I should get and unanimously you all responded "TWISTS!" so that's what I went with.  You're so smart!!!  I absolutely love the look of my Senegalese twists and am happy I chose this style. Many of you have already had a look at this style from … [Read more...]

Biggest Myth About Transitioning Hair


One of the biggest myths women new to their healthy hair journeys believe is that transitioning ONLY involves growing from relaxed to natural hair.  The Merriam-Webster definition of transition is a movement, development, or evolution from one form, stage, or style to another.  So any evolution of style is technically a "transition."  As it pertains to a healthy hair journey, one can transition from relaxed to natural, relaxed to texlaxed, … [Read more...]

#L4LHair Tip Tuesday: How To Silk Wrap Your Hair

L4L Hair Tip Tuesday

  For a video tutorial, check out How to Rollerwrap Your Hair. … [Read more...]