Avoiding Natural Hair Boredom


As you all know I recently had box braids. They were in for almost two months and it was glorious. One of the things I love about natural hair is the versatility, this month is my four year curliversary and I’m loving every minute of it! But, it can be hard not to get bored with natural hair. It takes so much time JUST to wash and condition your hair that once you’re done with that often you have NO time (or desire) to experiment with your … [Read more...]

L4LPSC: Final Check In & Voting!

L4LPSC Final Check in

I've already reported my successes of the Protective Styling Challenge, it's your turn!  If you stuck to the rules and protected the crap outta your hair, we're all anxious to see the rewards you reaped!  Show it off ladies, all that great retention, thickness, whatever it is that you gained from the challenge....and even if you had a setback, please share that as well because it will help others to learn from your lessons.  So, for the final … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Pre-Relaxer Regimen & Rollerset

pre-relaxer regimen

The Protective Styling Challenge officially ends on Monday, April 15th and I am so ready. I am so grateful for all of you hanging in there with me. For the OG's to my personal HHJ you know I am so not about that long term protective stylin life so you were the push I needed!  So this is the last wash day before my touch up and I followed my normal pre-relaxer regimen:  (1) Prepoo with warm coconut oil (for my own journaling purposes I would … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Braid Take Down Time!

Wash Day

After wearing the same set of cornrows under my wig for the entire month of March, I took them down for a really thorough wash day this weekend.  Similar to my weave take down process, I applied grapeeed oil generously to lubricate my strands to minimize tangling and then carefully unbraided each cornrow making sure to remove any shed hair as I worked. I am about 14 weeks post relaxer so I have a lot of new growth and I was expecting a decent … [Read more...]

Cute Protective Styles: Favorites of the L4LPSC

cute protective styles

I think throughout the L4LPSC I've proven that cute protective styles do exist.  You do not have to resort to the same ole bun everyday or rely solely on extensions and wigs (unless you want to, of course).  If you want dressier 'dos or to break out of your styling repertoire  here are my favorites from our three month challenge: httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoX13CAJsa4 As mentioned in the video, I created tutorials for each of these … [Read more...]

Hair Care Beneath the Wigs!

hair care under wig

As promised, I recorded a video demonstrating how I care for my hair under wigs.  Actually I've covered quite a bit of this information in various posts over the last couple of years and included it in the L4L Healthy Hair Handbook but I can appreciate that sometimes visual demonstrations help: httpv://youtu.be/Poss3fQPZ28 So in a nutshell my wig regimen is to cornrow my hair neatly, leaving them in for a month while doing the … [Read more...]

L4LPSC: 2nd Check In!


One more month left in the L4LPSC!  Let me start off with how last month went for me:  I feel like I didn't show quite as many creative hairstyles during February...but I'm proud that I still met my goal of providing at least one tutorial per week.  I wore my hair down once for church during February, in a braidout but immediately pulled it up once I arrived home.  Sidenote - am I the only one who takes the BEST naps after church  known to … [Read more...]

Wash Day: Getting Wiggy!

full wig with a closure

After I took down my Beyonce Inspired Updo from last weekend, I basically wore a bun all week.  I haphazardly moisturized and sealed this week mainly with Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk and grapeseed oil…but never thoroughly.  I didn’t comb my hair all week either, simply removed the ponytail holder at night, threw on my bonnet and smoothed back up into a messy high bun each morning.  By time I reached wash day, my hair didn’t really feel … [Read more...]