How to Blow Dry Transitioning Hair

Kiss Handle-Less Blow Dryer Tutorial & Review

While relaxed, I was able to work with air dried and roller-set hair but since transitioning, I prefer styling stretched, semi-straightened hair.  I know it's highly controversial to apply heat regularly, but I only wear my loose only every 2-3 months (between weave/wig installations) so I'm not using heat extremely frequently.  Although it is easier to style blow dried hair, the process itself can be fairly tedious!  I learned to work in … [Read more...]

Wash Day Routine | Transitioning Hair & Relaxer Stretchers

Wash Day for Transitioning Hair

It took me a while to perfect my wash day routine over the course of my transition.  I started washing in sections fairly early on, but there are several other simple tweaks that help my wash days roll smoothly nowadays. Visualizations are usually better for "how-to" posts so I filmed my last wash day to demonstrate how to wash transitioning hair, and these tips work really well for relaxer stretching as well.  The video is filled with … [Read more...]

My Transitioning Hairstyles + Favorite Products for Both Textures

Transitioning Hairstyles - Longing 4 Length

Since having my hair cut a few weeks ago, I have enjoyed my hair and am learning what transitioning hairstyles work best for me.   The shorter length and incredible amount of new growth took some  getting used to but I am happy to report that I did not have any problems the three weeks I wore my hair out.  I fully intended to take better photos to chronicle all the styles I've been wearing but my cell phone selfies will have to suffice, … [Read more...]

Relaxer Stretching Tips | Divachyk of Relaxed Thairapy


Most healthy hair journeyers have heard, read or been told stretching is a must to have healthy relaxed hair. For those unfamiliar, relaxer stretching refers to the practice of extending the amount of time between your retouches; Therefore instead of relaxing your new growth at the customary 6-8 week intervals you continue to "stretch" until 10+ weeks.   The purpose to relaxer stretching is to avoid overlapping previously relaxed hair and … [Read more...]

Wash Day | 6 Months Post & Relaxer Thoughts

Owigs Full Lace Wig - Longing 4 Length (2)

Since removing my VIP Luxury Hair extensions, I have been keeping my hair in sections first as twists under my wig but also to wash and condition - something I've never really done before but find necessary with so much new growth.  This week's wash day began by applying warm extra virgin coconut oil to my cornrows; this aided in lubrication as I untwisted and also served to prepoo.  As usual, I used my fingers to detangle and remove shed hair … [Read more...]

Pre-Weave Wash Day Routine


I've decided to continue stretching my relaxer through the use of a sew-in.  I have had great success with the health of my hair, retention, working out and losing weight with wigs and weaves, so why rock the boat? To prepare my hair before installing a weave (or any other long term protective style) I usually follow the same routine - designed to both strengthen and adequately moisturize my hair before it is hidden away.  Because I am now … [Read more...]

20 Weeks Post Relaxer?!

20 weeks post relaxer

Thank you ladies for continuing to visit, comment and interact with me this summer...despite my erradic posting!  Between my schedule and technology issues it has been challenging to post as often as I would like to.  I don't say it a fraction as often as I think it, but thank you for your continued support. Anyway, I wanted to chat with you regarding my hair.  As you know I've been in protective styles all summer - two sew in weaves and my … [Read more...]

Resourceful Reads: Transitioning, Twists & Textures

Time for segment two of my newly created "Resourceful Reads" feature!  For those who missed the first, this feature highlights posts from other fabulous hair bloggers that I believe you will find helpful.  I'm just going to jump right into it! Transitioning Help.  You all know I'm not pro-relaxer, pro-natural or anti-anything as long as you keep your hair healthy.  I realize that while L4L may have a lot of relaxed hair followers - at any … [Read more...]