Tamia Talks Hair on L4L!

Tamia Talks Hair on L4L!


tamia talks hair

I am so excited about this exclusive interview with R&B songstress Tamia Hill, best known as simply Tamia.  I’ve been a fan since You Put a Move on my Heart, fell in love with Stranger in My House and even saw her in concert back in college with my good friend, From Mrs. to Mom (remember that?!), along with Missy Elliot, Alicia Keys and Beyonce.  Tamia’s hair is gorgeous and unlike many celebrities, she wears her hair quite often, which always is long and healthy.  Check out the audio and interview below as Tamia talks hair and beauty!

Tamia Talks Hair

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario (Canada), did you have a hard time finding hair products that suited your needs?
Growing up, being a biracial kid, dealing with curly hair – let’s just say I have several hundred pictures of what my little one likes to call “crazy hair.”  It wasn’t easy but we tried our best!

tamia talks hair

Did you ever wear your hair relaxed straight?
No…no…uh uh.  When I was younger, I don’t even know if people really straightened their hair.  I have naturally curly hair and I don’t even remember getting my hair blow dried until I was well into my teens – 15 or 16, something like that.  It was always sort of curly and in a ponytail or my mom would cut it short so it would be easier.

Who showed you how to take care of your hair?  Are you the only one in your family with curly hair?
I remember my mother doing my hair up until I was about 10, then I remember saying “I wanna do my own hair” and she was like fine!  And then I don’t remember ever combing again for several it for like years!

tamia talks hair

I’m used to seeing you with your hair blown out or curled, do you find it difficult maintaining curly hair in the spotlight?
No, actually a lot of people I work with – both makeup and hair – they often tell me they feel I was a hair dresser or makeup artist in a past life because I really do know how to do my own hair and my own makeup.   I don’t know if that is from years of getting it done or not having the resources to have someone else do it when I was younger and trying to figure it out but at this point I pretty much know what I need to do in order to blow dry my hair or wear it curly.  I have worn my hair curly several times, even through album cycles, but I guess usually it is blow dried and barrel curled unless I am on vacation and relaxing during which I mostly wear it curly.

tamia talks hair

What are your favorite curly hair products?
Well, I am certainly a product junkie…it just depends on what my hair needs.  I like Ouidad curly hair products – I use that in my girls’ hair too, some kind of Moroccan oil to fight the frizz.  It really starts with a really good conditioner; right now I am really in love with Wen.   I use that on myself and my girls – any product that is one step to wash and condition at the same time makes life easier.

tamia talks hair

Go-to straight hair products?
I use some sort of anti-frizz serum (sometimes Biolage) and a really good flat iron or curling iron and a heat protectant spray before flat ironing so I don’t damage the hair.

tamia talks hair

You mentioned your girls a couple of times.  How is their hair?
I would say we have three different textures going on; My oldest has a beautiful head of hair – thick curly hair.  My youngest has hair more like mine, sort of thinner and it isn’t as curly.  We all have curly hair, but different textures.  One product that works really well for all three of us is coconut oil.

tamia talks hair

Does your husband, NBA star Grant Hill, ever get in there and do your girls’ hair?
Grant has been known to do hair a couple of times for my girls….although I’m not sure he’s done it well!  But it is the effort that counts and he has been known to slip a baseball hat on their head  every now and then – he tries his best.  You know its kinda hard to maneuver those elastic bands when you have such big hands.  Usually I try to make sure their hair is done if I know I’m leaving so he doesn’t have to worry about that and they don’t have to worry about it either.  Although they like it when he says “We’re not  going to do hair today…let’s just go!”

I remember the first time I saw you in person, several years ago, on the Ladies’ First Tour – the person I was dating at the time suggested I have my hair highlighted blonde like yours!  Do you find it difficult keeping your hair healthy, especially with it being color treated?
I just got off [the Single Ladies Tour with R. Kelly] so now I am definitely doing damage control.  That was pretty tough – being on tour and having your hair done every single day.  Not just done but teased, molded and sculpted; that took a lot of wear and tear.  So now, being off tour I am definitely into treatments, conditioning and making sure the scalp is properly oiled.  But it is hard when you are using heating tools every day for two and a half months.

tamia talks hair

I can only imagine!
I find that I like resting it and wearing it curly a lot of times.  Not only because I have two girls and their hair is curly and so I want them to see themselves in their mom as well, and I wanna see them seeing me embrace my curls but also I think that it is good for the hair to be in its natural state for a while and just REST IT!

As far as your beauty routine, you seem to have a really clear complexion, do you have any special beauty secrets, go-to products for your skin or any favorite makeup products?
Well, I do love my Clarisonic right now.

I just got one for Christmas!
You must continue to use that!  You’ll notice a huge difference in your skin.  I never really had any problems with breakouts or anything like that.  I am sure to wash my face every night and moisturize afterwards; I am diligent about that and removing my makeup before going to bed.  Even if I am super tired, I make sure to use a MAC wipe and throw a little bit of moisturizer on and go to sleep so my pores are [unclogged].

  tamia talks hair

As far as products, I switch up all the time.  Especially living in Arizona and going between Florida and California and traveling – my skin seems like it needs something different every season.  In the winter, I use a heavier moisturizer.  In the summer it is more  of a sunblock, light moisturizer and I never like wearing liquid makeup in the summer – it’s just messy.  But in winter, I definitely choose liquid or even a cream because my skin tends to be dry.  I think it is important to change it up.  Sometimes I fall in love with a product and then one day I put it on – especially when you get darker in the summer and lighter in the winter – I am always changing and trying out new products and colors.  I am still always amazed at how weird a lot of the makeup colors are for women of color.

Congratulations on your Grammy nominations!  How can fans keep up with all of your latest happenings?
Definitely my website:  www.tamiaworld.com. My twitter and instagram are @realtamiaworld.  I try to keep things posted on what’s going on and what is coming up next.  Certainly up next for me are the Grammy’s and Grammy’s week and some fun stuff, so I am looking forward to that.

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  • I am loving coconut oil myself these days. i have really dry-everything (hair and skin). I just started using organic coconut oil (Trader Joe’s) on my hair. But I have also boosted my inner hydration as well. Moisturizing both inside and out!!!

    Great post.

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