Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Real Hair?

Taraji P. Henson Shows Off Real Hair?

taraji p. henson real hair
Source: @TarajiPHenson Instagram

So I happened to catch a photo from actress Taraji P. Henson shortly after she uploaded it to Instagram and immediately I was mesmerized.   I hate to admit it, but after seeing her full head of thick, lush looking hair – I began searching for any sign of tracks or “enhancements”.  Not because I didn’t believe she could have hair so beautiful and definitely not because I don’t believe Black women can grow their hair long (we all should know by now we can) but because the caption was so doggone ambiguous!  Here is the photo that made my breath catch in my throat:

taraji p. henson real hair
Taraji P. Henson Real Hair?
Source: @TarajiPHenson Instagram

The caption read “Peekaboo!!!! This is a lot of hair@danteblandshaw!!!!! Now gotta straitened it ALL!!!”  Now I have certainly made that same remark about a head full of weave along with my own hair.  See why I was so curious?  By the time I had a chance to write about it, I saw that she followed up the above picture with the “after”:

Taraji P. Henson Real Hair
Source: @TarajiPHenson Instagram

This time the caption read “This is what my hair looked like after being DONE!!! I’m aaaaalll late! HA!”

Now, I’m not really a fan the way some celebrities constantly do hair reveals via social media, and especially not some of the snobby captions implying that their hair is better, longer, prettier than others (i.e. Toya Wright) – after all it really should be long if you live in weaves.  However, I do wish Taraji had given a bit more indication whether or not she was rocking home grown tresses or just showing the evolution of a style.  Again, I really hate how closely I scrutinized the first photo, but it looks to me like her straightened hair is lying atop the extensions.  But either way, it is gorgeous and I’m pretty sure if it isn’t all hers – she could have it if she wanted it.

Taraji P. Henson Real Hair

What do you think – is it all Taraji’s hair?

  • I think it’s her hair and that the curl pattern of the top layer has been affected by heat. Taraji usually wears straight styles, so I would think her weaves would be more of a naturally straighter texture instead of going through all that work to straighten a kinkier type of hair.

  • Ticka

    I does look to me like there’s two different textures going on. The super straightness of her hair, and the bushy texture of extensions. I don’t think she thought about it either way. I just think she was showing the before and after.

    • I agree, she prob didn’t give it that much thought.

    • i agree but whenever i would blow dry mine out it was like this as well and it was just because the hair normally fell out the comb but the time i got to the ends.

  • Lexis

    I believe this is her hair. She has alot of bushines to it. Plus the way her ends look, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on 400 dollar a pack of hair, you cannot get weave to look like that, in my opinion. Lol.

  • ghanaianemprezz

    She’s one of my favourite actresses. I guess, sometimes, these celebrities want to identify with the current trends their peers are jumping on. I’ve seen several female celebs showing off their hair so it might be one of those things.

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  • Long&natural

    I think it is her hair only because, I use to relax my leave out for my weaves and then the rest would be super natural .. So i Could see how it could be here also I do clients hair who would look just like that. It’s not hard to believe that it’s hers. I think when you have alot of hair and actually do sew ins and know how rapidly natural hair grows you don’t second guess. It’s a shame how mainly blk women starts the talk about if its their real hair, it’s mainly the ones who have very short hair or who don’t understand how growth works.

  • Leo

    It’s CLEAR that it is a weave. Her crown area is straight and the rest is kinky, clear line of where the weave stop’s at. Her hair is about 6″ long then you clearly see the weave under it. I don’t understand why it is not clear to see.

  • I think people get jealous when someone else grows their hair long.I say stop poisoning your hair an scalps with perms.remember The 70s an The big afros?black women can grow hair long.why can black men?because they don’t use perms,it wouldn’t make sense for just The men to be able to grow hair now a days but not women.it’s those perms ladies and don’t say my girl been using them and she’s ok,well most people leave it in too long too an some don’t.

  • FactorFict

    Are u people serious? It looks like two different textures because of the layers. The “kinky” parts are her ends.

  • Stefalmae90

    Some people have to types of texture in their hair naturally. I’m one of those.

  • Stefalmae90


  • Destinfogreatness

    First of all I’m a license cosmetologist. That is her hair. The top part is straighter because of heat damage or should I say her crown part of her hair has memory so it stays straight. The ends are kinkier because it usually braided up in a weave. So it’s at it’s natural state . Stop being hater get a life. Your proberly bald headed why your so overly concerned if it a weave or not.

  • Hairqueen

    It’s a weave. Kinky textured weave. I had one before

  • Bri

    That’s what my hair is like very straight on top and kinky at the ends n bottom. So is my mother’s. Similar length too. I always thought my two textures were just hereditary. Its very possible its natural.

  • Kelly

    Everyone who thinks this isn’t her hair is an idiot. Women usually get their “leave-out” chemically relaxed; meaning, after being blow dried, it will become straighter than the natural hair that has been braided up. SMH! People are so hung up on stereotypes that they find any and every reason to convince others that black girls cannot grow their hair which is FALSE. Kudos to Taraji!!

  • Tiarra

    From personal experience (not from jealous or envy), I’m going to say it’s not hers. However, Taraji is definitely known for her luxurious hair! From Baby Boy to Think Like A Man, her hair has always had the full body and natural shine experience. Also, in Think Like A Man, she had a bob. Very thick and gorgeous! I’m pretty positive that was her hair in that movie; so that would have been some hell of new growth in 1-2 years lol. On the other hand, I have spent about 400.00 on weave that when I blow out, it looks really natural. More natural than I would have expected. I tricked everyone. And if my middle class behind can afford good hair thats natural, just imagine what she can afford. So again, I know Taraji can definitely get this hair, but I’m going to go on a limb and say THIS particular style is not hers.