The best of both worlds?

The best of both worlds?


I know naturals feel they have the claim on having the best of both worlds, with the thickness, kinky or curliness, and fullness of unrelaxed hair and also being able to achieve silky straight lengths through the use of hot tools.  And I agree!  However, I do think we relaxed heads can also nail our post in the “best of both worlds” corner as well!

I know that I don’t relax my hair bone straight, to the point that it appears thin, lifeless or limp.  I was blessed to have thick hair and I still have it after years of relaxing.  We can achieve straight hair looks by airdrying, pincurling, caruso setting, rollersetting, and wrapping – all without the use of direct heat.  We can achieve textured looks and faux afros through the use of braidouts and twistouts.  We can achieve kinkiness through the use of wigs and weaves.  We can create more fullness by stretching our relaxers (lengthening the time between touch ups).

I personally don’t feel relaxed hair is limiting or boring, I rarely wear my hair the same way 2 weeks in a row.  Here is a video I did a while back on how I do my braidouts where I was going for a fuller more natural look – you can skip to around 5 minutes for the results:

So yes….I think whichever suits you best, whether you choose to be relaxed or natural, you can have the BEST OF BOTH WORLDS!  Just my thoughts…
  • You know I totally agree! I think that’s the great thing about black hair in general… if we can get passed the “Standards of beauty” that we have been conditioned to subscribe to for so long, we would see that you can do ANYTHING and achieve ANY look with black hair… relaxed, natural, or in between!

  • And I think relaxed hair is very versatile. It can be easily manipulated into any style imaginable. The best part IMO is easy detangling sessions between styles.

    And I totally agree with Shika. We can pull of kinks, curls, waves, straight hair as often as we want (relaxed or natural)!

  • I agree as well. I never understood the meaning of it anywho.

    We can do Straw Sets, roller Sets, Finger waves, Pin curls as listed above, We can wear it straight with minimal work, buns, up do’s, The styles are limitless. The limit is the one you put on it. I wish people would put a Kibosh on thinking relaxed hair is so one way.