The Day I Met Michelle Obama

The Day I Met Michelle Obama

Me, another student, and my mentor and friend

Several months ago, I was blessed with the amazing opportunity to meet the First Lady of the United States, Mrs. Michelle Obama.  Those who follow me on Twitter experienced first hand my glee over this event – ranging from excitement to indecisiveness as to how to wear my hair!  I intended to post about this experience way back then, but never had the time.  With the recent coverage of the presidential candidates, I figured this is the perfect time to share.  Anyway, as this is election year the Obamas have been hot on the campaign trail and visited my city where I was blessed with a sponsored seat to attend a luncheon where First Lady Obama was the speaker.

I decided to wear a low calf length blush and black polka dot dress from Forever 21 with a sweater and black patent leather Mary Jane pumps and a string of pearls but of course!  Very first lady-ish in my opinion!  Not too casual, not too dressy, not too businessy – the perfect mix.  For the hair, I went with a rollerset which I pin-curled overnight.  I was nearly due for a relaxer so I didn’t have the best results, but again, I felt quite appropriate for the occasion.
These folks were outside the building bright and early.
Black and white campaigning for a Black President together…*tear*
The event was held at a building downtown, one I had never been in or even noticed before.  Before entering you of course had to show the appropriate identification and go through a metal detector.  Seating was assigned and although I was near the back, I had a great view of the stage.  I sat in awe among the city’s leaders and marveled at how great God is.  The fact that a church member randomly nominated me as one of the students to attend based on a sponsorship was just a testament to His greatness.  I wanted to take in every moment so I just sat, looking around and smiling.
The view thru the floor to ceiling windows.
Before lunch the servers sternly told us to eat as soon as we were served, not to dilly dally with chat because the moment Mrs. Obama entered the room they were instructed to snatch remove our silverware.  They were so intense when delivering this message that I practically scarfed down the tasty chicken waldorf salad!  I assumed the reason for removing the silverware was so there wouldn’t be any chattering and clanking while Mrs. Obama was speaking but it turns out it is a security precaution.  Who knew?!  I guess butter knives and forks can be considered weapons.
The stage
As Mrs. Obama spoke, I did take a few photos but I only had my small bloggie camera so they are not the greatest quality.  I gave up after a few moments so that I would be able to actually remember her speech.  Let me just say this – she is unequivocally the best speaker I have ever witnessed in my life.
She used no notes, no teleprompter, and spoke completely from memory and it seemed extremely personal and genuine.  From telling of her and her husband’s humble childhoods, to achieving their dreams and wanting the same for every family, outlining President Obama’s accomplishments yet what he still has left to do – I was enraptured.  She did not stumble, stutter or stammer over a single word or even syllable!  I teared up several times at not only her words but also the beauty, poise and accomplishments of this amazing woman.
After her speech, the crowd anxiously rushed the stage in hopes of meeting Mrs. Obama (those who’d donated $25k and up to the campaign had a chance to meet her one by one prior to her speech).  I took a few photos as I approached her, but after a few moments I realized it was either keep trying to get a good photo or concentrate on pressing to the front to actually meet her instead of only having a photograph; so you know what I chose, right?!
I did however manage to get an accidental but completely awesome shot of her hair!
LAIIIIIIIIDDDDDDD honey!  And the photo does not even do it justice, trust me!
Some folks placed this on the ground outside the building.
I did end up being able to shake her hand and exchange a few words.  As she held my hand with feeling and responded to my statement with a smile and encouraging words, I swear it took everything in me not to burst into tears.  I did manage to hold it together until I walked away and then the tears slid down my cheeks as I stood smiling silently.  I will remember that day forever and ever and always be eternally grateful to God and my friend and mentor for affording me that opportunity.
  • I was smiling through out the entire post!! You lucky girl, I would LOVE to meet her, them both actually, and I can believe that she is an amazing orator. And as you know from my site, she’s a hairspiration to me too 🙂

    • Thanks! And yes, her hair IS as amazing as it appears on TV! lol

  • Candice

    I was smiling and crying, good thing I’m home (I’m sappy, sue me!) I love them both, you’re extremely lucky.

  • I almost cried after reading this. What a wonderful experience!

  • I would love to meet her!…& go shopping with her, too. Her outfits are always on point & her hair stays LAID!

    • I’d love to just hang out with her too, in my head she seems like she’d be so cool to just talk to.

  • What a great experience!! OMG!! I would have been estatic! The presence of Mrs. Obama alone would have had me in awe. I’m glad you kept it together girl!

    I love the classic look that you decided to go with. Perfect for the occasion!

  • OMG!! She is one of those people where I think I would just stand there and forget my words and thoughts and name. I envy you to even utter a few words to her. What an awesome opportunity!!

  • Aww! I LUURRVE the first family! Awesome role models and I’m jelly you got to meet Mrs. O!

  • What a wonderful opportunity! You were blessed! I loves me some Michelle Obama!

  • Good for you. I’d love to meet her.

  • What a great experience!! She is definitely an extraordinary woman!

  • Loved this blog. I was teary-eyed reading this. So glad you captured this experience and shared it with us. She is a great speaker. I was so proud of her as I watched her speak at the beginning of the DNC Convention.