The “Hair 5”

The “Hair 5”


KayTee at Haute Pink Heels did an interesting post called The Natural Five (check out her version here) where she listed the five most commonly asked questions she receives as a natural.  Obviously, I’m not natural….but I will list the five most commonly asked questions in response to my healthy hair:

  1. Are you natural?  I assume I am asked this often because I wear braidouts and stretch my relaxers a bit.  Or perhaps it is because of the natural phenomenon that has been going on the past few years.  But I suspect one of the main reasons I am asked if I am natural is because many women assume you have to be chemical free to have long, healthy hair or that you have “good” hair and your hair doesn’t “need” a relaxer, therefore it is long naturally.  I quickly answer, no I am relaxed, but that I do love and admire natural hair.  But its nice to let them know that good haircare = healthy lengthy hair, regardless of whether you are chemically processed or not.
  2. Is this your hair?  This never ever rubs me the wrong way.  After all…I wear all kinds of hair!  Long, short, colored, wigs, weaves, braids, ponytails…you never know how my ‘do is going to look when you see me.  So when I do actually wear my hair out, its not that people think I am bald its that they aren’t sure because I so frequently wear fake hair!  When I am wearing my hair, I proudly answer “Yes, it is mine.” but when I am not I don’t feel the need to defend myself or to say “No, this isn’t mine, but my real hair is long.”  Not necessary and kind’ve snobby!  lol.
  3. Have you always had long hair?  I’m happy to answer this one, I explain no, my hair hasn’t always been this length.  Most times the person that asked me knew me when my hair was shorter….since this is the longest its been in my life.  I try to jog their memory and say “remember when you first met me, it was only about here *points to neck, shoulder or armpit*?”  LOL, I’m happy to encourage people by using myself as an example.
  4. What do you do to your hair/what products do you use?  I always provide the same basic answer:  I try to keep my hair moisturized.  Then I provide my basic regimen:  wash every week with a sulfate-free shampoo *insert brief explanation about sulfates*, deep condition with heat after I wash, airdry or rollerset and moisturize my hair daily (I leave out the part about sealing).  I then say I avoid using heat tools for styling.  I will provide the name of my products, if prompted, saying “I use a line called Bee Mine but it is primarily only available for ordering online – but there are some great drugstore options.”  If they seem particularly interested I will give a couple suggestions.
  5. Who does your hair?  I always recommend my stylist.  She is natural with gorgeous hair and her sister is a natural hair legend….in fact here is a picture of her sisters GORGEOUS natural hair…words cannot do it any justice!
Isn’t it lush?!  Gorgeous?  Beyond words?!  Yes, this is my hair dresser’s sister, who is also a stylist herself and completely natural.  In addition to my stylist caring for and being knowledgeable about natural hair, she takes excellent care of my relaxed hair.  In fact I usually only visit her for touchups but she even deals with my 6 month post relaxer hair amazingly well.  And her prices are RIGHT!  In any event, I am not a complete DIYer and so when people ask who do my hair, I usually just refer them to my girl, Teia.  It isn’t worth saying I do my hair myself 90% of the time because I’m not finna (pronounced fin *like a fish part* nah and means about to….north east colloquiallism there) do anyone’s hair myself so they can just go sit in Teia’s chair.  I know they’re in good hands there.
Well there you have my Top 5 asked questions about my hair.  Fun post…you should do it!
  • PREACH! on number 1!

    And your hairstylist’s sister’s hair… Lawd. Praise him. *hallelujah hand*

    ‘Bout to have church up in [hair]! 😛

  • Your hairdresser’s sister’s hair is SOOO prettyy!! gosh! And I love her skin tone too. I’m so glad you found a good stylist, it’s so hard to find one nowadays. Good post, I get many of the same questions, especially #4.