The L.O.C Method – Retain Moisture in Natural Hair!

The L.O.C Method – Retain Moisture in Natural Hair!

L.O.C Method

The L.O.C. Method may sound like a foreign language to some but it is actually a simple yet effective way to retain moisture in your natural hair. I’ve been natural for a while now and I can attest that maintaining moisture can definitely be a challenge. For some, it’s not just about finding the perfect product but also finding the perfect application technique to achieve that moisturized natural hair that we are all after. And if that is you, then the L.O.C Method my be the anwser!

So what is the L.O.C Method? The L.O.C Method is very simple! The letters are your steps and you can still use the products you love! The benefit to using the L.O.C Method is that your hair will retain moisture longer because you are sealing in the moisture in every step. Here is the break down…

L.O.C Method

L (Liquid) – First apply a liquid of your choice, the most effective and my first choice is water. Using water allows you to start this process immediately after washing your hair. However in some cases braid sprays and water based leave in conditioner sprays can be used depending on your preference and style choice.

L.O.C Method


O (Oil) – Then apply your favorite oil or butter to seal in the liquid. My personal favorite would have to be coconut oil, the smell is amazing. But there are quite a few others to choose from: extra virgin olive oil, argon oil, and castor oil, just to name a few. Choose which ever works best on your hair.

L.O.C Method

C (Cream) – Finally apply your favorite leave-in or styling product to seal in the liquid and oil. My preference is typically a product that is thick and creamy; I usually reach for my Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and style my hair as desired.

I’ve had great results from using the L.O.C Method and I would highly recommend giving it a go especially if retaining moisture is an issue for your natural hair. Like I said, the L.O.C Method is super easy; it’s just three simple steps…you really can’t go wrong!

Have you tried the L.O.C Method?  

  • DarLai


  • Coily_Locks

    I was doing this method on my hair before I even heard of the LOC method. It def helps keep my hair moisturized and healthy. 😀

  • Beauty Embodied

    I think i may try this.

    • It’s so simple…I say why not give it go! Let us know your results if you do.

  • SoFrolushes

    Sounds really simple. May start doing this when my hair is accessible

  • I needed this cause my hair is borderline ashy with dryness. Thanks!

    • Rachel

      Your replies and tweets always make me laugh! LOL! My hair has been the same way lately too!

    • You are hilarious Miss Foodie Fab! But yes if your hair is borderline ashy then this is for you! LOL =)

  • TDashfield

    Will give this a try when I let the hair go curly.

  • ny

    how often do you gals use this magic mix? once a ____? please fill in the blank

  • Laura

    this is the method i use it works WONDERS! 🙂

    • 🙂 I use it off and on also and my hair always responds well.

  • ny

    how often do you gals use this magic mix? once a ____? please fill in the blank

    • I’m sorry for the delayed response – as a relaxed girl, I only use this method when I notice my hair has extreme dryness. I’ll have Roni come and answer this question since this is her regimen.

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  • DutchGirl4C

    BUT doesn’t the oil seal out the cream you use last?

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  • That sounds a bit heavy. But I assume you’re not using alot of oil since your hair will be wet. And also not as much cream (that curl smoothie is thick, I don’t usually leave in)?

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