The Protective Styling Challenges Is O-V-E-R!

The Protective Styling Challenges Is O-V-E-R!


MAMA I MADE IT!  This is a quickie post, just so I can update you on how we are going to end with our grand finale.  To give everyone time to straighten or relax, remove their braids, weaves and wigs, etc. the official check in will not be posted until Tuesday, April 30th.  This gives you two whole weeks to get your hair together, take your final photos and get your blogs updated to link up!  I will post the linky tool on April 30th at 12 am midnight and voting will commence!  I am TOO excited!  Thank you so much for hanging in there with me, I swear…

I  neva woulds made it without you!  I would have lost it ya’ll, but now I see how protective styling can work for me!  Annnnnndddd-I-I-I-I-neva woulda made it!

Let me just give you my recap, the rules of the challenge were:

  1. Wear your hair down no more than 7 days.  CHECK!  I wore my hair down once this weekend for a few hours and once for church back in February or March, so total I only wore my hair down for less than 24 hours in 3 months!  Go me!
  2. Only one use of direct heat.  CHECK!  I used direct heat once because I blow dried my hair to stretch my new growth – as a note only dried my hair about 75% using the tension method.  I didn’t use a flat iron at all for three months!
  3. Deep condition twice per month.  CHECK! I barely stuck to this…seems like there were a whole lot of “overdue” wash days during the challenge but I did adhere to it!
  4. Hide your ends during all protective styles.  CHECK! No matter what style I was wearing, my ends were up and away!

I think I did pretty dern good to not be a hardcore protective styler!  What do you all think?  Anxious to see if I made any progress?  It’s okay, you can tell me!  Cause I am too!  And I am just as anxious to see everyone else’s updates as well!

  • ghanaianemprezz

    It seems like my mind has automatically conditioned my hands to keep my ends tucked away. As I write this, my ends are still tucked away. Am also excited to see my official progress though I doubt if I’ll wear my hair down that often. Habit developed!

    • That’s great sis, I also have become much more of a PS’er!

  • mrsdjrass

    Ebony, I love your drive and I love your hair. Congrats on completing the protective styling challenge:-)

  • Candice

    I am very proud of you Ebony, can’t wait to see your progress. I’m really looking forward to seeing the other ladies progress also!

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