Think Like a Man Too Screening in NYC!

Think Like a Man Too Screening in NYC!

Think Like a Man Too - Longing 4 Length
Ebony with Michael Ealy

Think Like a Man Too - Longing 4 Length As some of you know from following my Instagram (@EbonyCPrincess) and other social media outlets, I was fortunate enough to attend a private screening of Think Like a Man Too in New York City courtesy of Motions Hair!  First of all, this opportunity was completely unexpected and presented itself while I visiting family in New Jersey for a couple of weeks.  So, while I packed some cutesy clothes, I had nothing that said “I’m about to go meet a bunch of fine black men and ask questions about their amazing movie”  But, at least I didn’t have a hair crisis, thanks to my Senegalese twists!  So, I chose a plain black romper with black low heeled cage booties (courtesy of my BFF) and a gold clutch and accessories.  Wouldn’t have been my first choice, but after I beat my face, added an amazing lippie (MAC’s Flat Out Fabulous) and sprayed my twists with Motion’s Marula Hair Oil for shine – I was ready!

First off, I did see the first installment in this franchise.  But I was late; It only had a week left in theaters by the time I finally had a chance to go. After the year long promo plus all the social media promotion and blogger reviews, I’ll be honest and admit that it was very anti-climatic for me.  I didn’t think it was a bad movie, but because of all the exposure I felt like I had already seen the film, especially the funny parts.  So, my opinion on the sequel – Think Like a Man Too – may be a bit biased because I had a chance to see it before it hit theaters.  However, I still think my opinion is valid!  This is a funny movie!!!  I literally laughed out loud and I absolutely have a sense of humor, eliciting more than a chuckle out of me is difficult to do.  And I had a bent over, mouth wide open type of laugh a few times throughout the movie!  It is definitely worth going to see, and I always feel so good about supporting Black films.

Think Like a Man Too - Longing 4 Length
(L to R) Jerry Ferrara, Michael Ealy, Terrance J, Will Packer, Kevin Hart, Romany Malco

After the movie, we were taken to a private room at the 40/40 club where we were able to chat with the men of the cast about the film!  After I got over the excitement of so much fineness right in my face, I was able to focus on the questions and comments made, here are a few highlights

Will Packer:  Kevin, with all the success you have had, especially in recent years, why was it important for you to come back and do this sequel, Think Like a Man Too?

Kevin Hart: We have a movie that is appealing to everyone, outside of our race. In order for our movies to get funding and for our movies to continue to grow – these movies need to work and exceed all expectations.  If we get to the point where we do 100+ million, studios and the entertainment industry can no longer tell us that our movies can’t work or can’t sell internationally.  That’s the reason I took on this project, and why I continue to go so hard.

Think Like a Man Too - Longing 4 Length
Ebony & Romany Malco

Question from the audience:  As far as romantic comedies go, what makes this movie special?

Romany Malco: I’m always excited to be involved with a project where the actresses get paid to keep their panties on!  There is something about being involved in a project where the women maintain a certain level of integrity throughout the project.  For me, that allows courting to be highlighted.  The process of courting is like a forgotten art form in the time we are living in.  I grew up in an era where a man would wine and dine a woman….and that’s what I like to do!  So, being involved with a project that insists upon that and allows the women to maintain a level of integrity throughout, I don’t know man, it just feels special.

Audience:  The movie touches addictions, specifically gambling. What are some of your addictions?

Terrance J: Kettle chips!  I love kettle chips, I could eat them all day long.

Will Packer:  Life. I’m addicted to living life to the the fullest!

Kevin Hart: I’m addicted to my kids man…I’m glad you’re living life, Will, but I’m addicted to my kids!

Think Like a Man Too - Longing 4 Length
Ebony with Michael Ealy

Although I only had an opportunity to meet the men of the Think Like a Man Too, this wouldn’t be an L4L post if I didn’t mention how phenomenal the ladies’ hair looked in the film!  And all Motions Hair products were used to achieve their looks!  My favorites were Taraji’s medium locks and Lala’s honey blonde ‘do.  But everyone looked flawless, stunning, and motivated me to get back into the friggin gym!


Thank you again Motions Hair for this amazing experience.  I completely agree with Kevin and the entire male cast about the importance of supporting OUR films.  This is one of the only times I can remember (in my lifetime) that we’ve had a variety of black films not only being made, but topping sales and garnering recognition.  Drama, musicals and comedies.  Its about time Hollywood recognize the contributions Black films make to the entire industry! Go see Think Like a Man Too!  It is already the #1 movie in America!

Have you seen Think Like a Man Too?  What did you think?

  • IsaTeuf

    Can’t wait to see it here in France! thank you for the review without spoiling it! GOD BLESS U

    • LOL! I know exactly what you mean, and that’s what happened to me the first time. By the time I saw it, I felt like I had already seen it because of all the spoilers!

  • Girlllll I don’t think I would have been able to concentrate around those fine men lol, that lipstick looks gorgeous, I love it!

    • Thanks girl, it was such an experience I was just trying to take it all in.

  • Lisa

    Great job! Did anybody in the movie rock natural hair?

    • Thanks! Well, Gabrielle, Taraji & Jenifer Lewis have all showed us their natural hair and I am not sure about the state of the other girls’ hair. But nobody wore curly hair in the film, although I believe Meagan Goode was weave free with her natural hair.

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