Tips for Working Out with Natural Hair

Tips for Working Out with Natural Hair

A recent trip to the gym...rocking flat twist and a low bun.
working out with natural hair
Wash day calendar

Earlier this year the hubs and I decided to join a gym…I was all-in, excited and screaming “#teamfit all day!” And then it hit me, “What in the world am I going to do with my hair?” Even though I don’t have to worry about “sweating out my perm” anymore I still had my concerns about working out with my natural hair. Like most, I would love to rock a fly twistout while doing ZUMBA or running speed-walking on the treadmill, but we all know that idea is unrealistic and downright ridiculous. By the end of class my hair would be a hot-mess and nightmare to wash/detangle. And because I drop my son off to school in the morning before the gym and often times run a few errands after the gym I had to come up with something to keep myself looking presentable. So here are a few tips for working out with natural hair.

Plan, Schedule and Maintain a Regimen              

We all know that establishing a good hair regimen is a must for healthy hair and it’s even more important to stick to that regimen especially when adding new routines into your everyday life. If you are like me I dread having to wash, detangle and style my hair. But I know it has to be done and it puts my mind somewhat at ease when I have time specifically set aside for that task. How often you wash/condition your hair is dependent on you. I personally don’t sweat much on head so washing once a week works for me.  I am firm believer of keeping things as simple as possible when it comes to my hair…so if your schedule is full stick to products and styles you know will work.

working out with natural hair
The hubs and I headed to the gym. I’m rocking minitwist in an updo.

Style Options

Styling natural hair for most can be a chore to the least…now imagine it being ruined after one workout session, that would suck majorly. So what are your styling options while working out with natural hair? Surprisingly there are several style options that will allow you to keep your hair intact while working out.

  • Wash-n-go’s – I personally haven’t mastered the wash-n-go yet (it’s on my summer to-do list) but this style can easily be refreshed after workouts. I recommend wearing your hair in a pineapple while working out though.
  • Buns – High, low, top-knots, messy…however you like to rock your buns will work. I rock buns often especially when I refuse to do my hair the night before. And buns are great protective styles.
  • Twists and braids – Twists and braids are great and my favorite while working out. I simply pin them up and forget about them. And the best part is I save time because I don’t have to fool with my hair for a few days.
  • Ponytails and puffs – Depending on the length of you hair, you can rock either a ponytail or puff will working out. Just like buns they can be rocked high or low. I My personal fav would have to be a low pony especially when I doing something like Yoga or just hitting the treadmill.
  • Hats, scarves and bonnets – And when all else fails you can always throw on a hat or scarf to protect those tresses. I recommend reserving the bonnet for workouts in the home only…lol.
working out with natural hair
A recent trip to the gym…rocking flat twist and a low bun.

I know that I’ve only been working out a few months but I can definitely tell the difference. Healthy hair starts from the inside and taking care of your body is important. So never sacrifice or use your hair as an excuse not to work out. Working out with natural hair should not be stressful. Hopefully the few tips above will help you on your journey to a healthier you.

What are your tips for working out with natural hair?

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