10 Black Owned Hair Companies I’ve Used and Love

10 Black Owned Hair Companies I’ve Used and Love


In an industry dominated by Caucasian owned and operated corporate giants like L’oreal (Dark & Lovely, Carol’s Daughter), Unilever (former owner of Motions and Just for Me) and Strength of Nature (African Pride, Elasta QP) it is important to me to buy Black as often as I can.  Especially amid current events – murders of unarmed Black men by police officers – that have left me and many others wondering ‘What can I do to affect change?’ I don’t think everyone quite understands the power of commerce and something WE can all do is spend our money in our own community, even if it is something seemingly trivial like Black owned hair companies.

Furthermore, it is disturbing that most of these companies don’t seem to care that the products marketed for our hair contain sub-par ingredients, when WE are spending more money on hair care than any other ethnic group.  Our hair requires more maintenance than any other ethnic group.  So, why shouldn’t WE be the ones to benefit from the booming Black hair industry?  Therefore, when I hear people say “I don’t care who owns it product as long as it works on my hair” I always cringe.  You should care.  Buying Black is important.  And not all Black owned hair brands are expensive either, you can buy Black on a budget too (i.e. Dudley’s); there are literally so many amazing brands that will keep your hair healthier than ever that not only will you be empowering our community but also your hair will thank you!

With that said, I’m going to share the top ten Black hair brands I’ve personally used and love and gladly spend my money on again and again!

11. Bee Mine Organics

This is the most consistently used brand throughout my hair journey.  Not only are the ingredients 99% natural and organic as its name suggests, but the performance of the moisturizers is better than anything I’ve ever used.  The owner, Tracy, lovingly makes all of her products by hand and the scents are heavenly.  My all time favorite product is the Luscious Cream Moisturizer – just a dab will do ya!  Bee Mine Organics is available at select beauty retail stores and online at BeeMineOrganics.com

22. Jane Carter Solution

Although I’ve also used Jane Carter Solution products throughout my hair journey, I actually began using them long before.  The Nourish n’ Shine moisturizing butter is amazing and is a must have for moisturizing straight hair (especially for natural girls) without causing reversion.  Other favorites from the line are the Revitalizing Leave In Conditioner and Moisture Mist – both essential sprays for moisturizing protective styles.  The great news is you can now find Jane Carter practically everywhere – online, at Sally’s, Walmart, Target, Whole Foods and more.

33. TGIN – Thank God It’s Natural

I hesitated so long on trying this brand due to it’s original name Thank God I’m Natural.  My interest was piqued after seeing tons of positive (although most likely paid) reviews from large vloggers but when I saw positive reviews from fellow small bloggers and my beloved L4L supporters I finally decided to take the plunge.  Every single product I’ve tried (deep conditioning mask, leave in and curl defining cream) has been amazing!  You can find TGIN online and at select Target and Sally Beauty Supply stores.

44. Obia Naturals

Another owner I met years ago when her company was at the very beginning; In fact at the time the name was different.  But the products have remained the exact same.  I loved Obia’s passion for formulating great hair care products and I appreciated even more she had the science education to back it up!  Some of my favorites are the Curl Hydration Spray (great for moisturizing protective styles) and the Twist Whip Butter.


55. Hydratherma Naturals

If there is ever a poster child for an owner whose own products work beautifully to nourish and grow her own hair, Saleemah Cartwright is it!  Her hair is gawjus!  And I’ve been following her from long relaxed hair, to big chop, to long natural hair, to new funky cut…and it always looks amazing!  I haven’t used any of her products for a long time mainly due to others I have in rotation and their lack of local availability, but I can say I absolutely love the conditioners!  One of (if not the only) organic balanced moisture-protein conditioners my hair actually likes.  You can find Hydratherma Naturals mostly online.

66. Kinky Tresses

Definitely a small fly in a bunch of healthy hair giants, Kinky Tresses is a complete hair care line containing a shampoo, deep conditioner, leave-in, nourishing oil and hair butter.  I’ve used them throughout the summer to keep my hair extremely moisturized and protected from the heat and sun and really like that she offers an inexpensive option for those looking for affordable hair products that contain natural ingredients.  Available at KinkyTresses.com.

77. Tendrils and Curls

I actually have had the pleasure of watching this amazing black owned business grow literally from the beginning.  The year Tendrils and Curls – a Houston based, online beauty boutique – opened I went to the Nzuri Natural hair show with a company I worked with at the time. While there, I met the owner who simply had a vending booth at the event to spread the word about her new business.  Several years later and I am happy to see not only the retail store is thriving but also a second location with a salon!  Tendrils and Curls is your one-stop shop for purchasing nearly ALL of the black owned hair products I’ve mentioned on this list and more.  Don’t just buy Black, buy FROM black when you can!

88. Indique Hair

There are literally thousands of weave suppliers.  We can buy from resellers, wholesellers, retailers…and all usually claim to have the BEST hair on the market.  I can tell you (as I always have) that Indique offers some of the highest and most consistently amazing quality hair on the market.  Yes, it does cost a bit more but you pay for quality.  You pay for longevity too – Indique’s hair can last for years with proper care.  I personally know someone who wore weave for three years back to back using the same hair by Indique and it still looked amazing.  Owner, Ericka Dotson, truly was one of the first standout black entrepreneurs to take back the weave industry from being monopolized by Asians.


Another Black female entrepeuner I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, Mahisha Dellinger is the founder and CEO of CURLS hair products.  She is such an extremely positive and empowering woman with an amazing story (as shared in her book Against All Odds: From the Projects to the Penthouse) but furthermore offers amazing hair care products!  I haven’t tried a ton of products but the Curls Botanical Gelee is a staple styling product and best of all is available not only online but also at Target stores.

1010.  Design Essentials

What I love about Design Essentials (aside from being Black owned) is their line of hair care products are used in most salons, so if you aren’t a do-it-yourself’er, you can still support a black owned hair company.  Also DE is a complete hair care line for both natural and relaxed hair, which is very unique, especially given the popularity of natural hair.

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    I’m not sure why the murder of black men has anything to do with wanting to promote and support black owned companies,It certainly has nothing to do with wanting to make black companies successful-firstly its wrong what certain police are doing but whats often forgot but important ,is that while many black women support black men in these times of dread,the same support for black women in general in not returned,so many comments/attitudes and behaviors of black men who aim negative insults and attacks at black women,especially from a growing breed who have no qualm in not dating black women.

  • I didn’t know Design Essentials was black owned. Good to know. Their blow dry spray is pretty awesome.