Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

I remember two cornrows along the sides of my head being one of my favorite styles when I was a little girl;  I wish I were home so I could scan one of my childhood photos in to show you!  It was always a quick and easy go to style when my mom didn’t have time to create an intricate cornrowed style.  Needless to say, I had no idea this style had a name and would later be considered a dressy hairstyle for adults!  Today’s protective style was inspired by one of my favorite hair crushes:

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids
Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

In my humble opinion, Ms. Ross gives this style LIFE – making it completely adult appropriate for almost any occasion   Work, play, date, after five – it is an elegant way to show off your face while protecting your hair – perfect for our Protective Styling Challenge!  Here is my take on the Tracee Ellis Ross inspired goddess braids hairstyle:

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

To create this style, I simply parted my moisturized hair on an angle about 2-3″ deep then combed my hair down and out (the part does not extend all the way to my nape).  Then I began cornrowing my hair starting in the front near the part towards the back.  The key to having neat cornrows is to be sure to place your fingers completely through your hair and around each section of hair.  I rolled the ends of each braid together and pinned it at the base of my neck.  Lastly, I applied a bit of my new favorite product Ampro Shine N’ Jam Silk Edges around my perimeter and brushed for a polished look.

Tracee Ellis Ross Inspired Goddess Braids

I loveeeee the results!  I kept this style in tact for three days, using a spray moisturizer and tying it up with a scarf at night.  Protective style plus very little manipulation = win win!


What do you think of my Tracee Ellis Ross inspired goddess braids ‘do?

  • LaToya Carter

    I love it!!!! I want to try it now

  • Kyra Clopton (mekrc)

    Great braidout when you take it down also. Love wearing my hair like this.

    • Absolutely, if I weren’t in the challenge I would’ve totally worn a braidout!

  • love, love, love it!

  • me

    Nice great braid out bun could be next or that side roll thing u did..can’t remember the name. Gonna rock thuse two next week. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Absolutely – I had really pretty waves when I took it down.

  • Robyn Kleinhans

    SO gonna try it! Been thinking about how I can tuck away the ends of my bangs without looking like a 12 year old, and this looks great. Especially as I’ve been tucking away all the back hair but just couldn’t figure out how to properly protect my bangs. Thanks Ebony!

    • YAY! I’m so glad this helped and I was thinking about you in that this style is perfect for any length of hair!

  • Very pretty! I am rocking this style now with mini twists!

    • Oooh, do you have any pics I can see? That sounds pretty!

  • Wonder

    I’ve being rocking this since sunday. Today is day 4 and I jst love it. My ends are safe from the elements. Love it!

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  • Gabbi

    Hi Ebony! I’m wondering can I wear this style for a month? Also if I were to wear it for that long how would I wash and maintain the braids without messing up the style!

    • I’m not sure I would be able to make this style stretch for a month, after a week my braids begin to get fuzzy. Plus my scalp likes being clean so I’ve never tried it. Good luck!