Hair Tip Tuesday | The 10 Transitioning Hair Commandments

Hair Tip Tuesday | The 10 Transitioning Hair Commandments


A bit of a humorous post, but with a lot of truth behind it!  If you have decided to grow out your relaxer (or routinely stretch for long periods of time) these 10 transitioning hair commandments will help guide you and keep your sanity through the process.

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Also, check out the newly released Science of Transitioning by Audrey Davis-Sivasothy for some amazing tips for transitioners and new naturals.  I haven’t read it yet – but the reviews I’ve read all rave that Ms. Davis-Sivasothy hit the ball out of the park again just like her original Science of Black Hair.

science of transitioning hair

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    This was so cute! I have nominated you to be apart of the Liebster Awards! check it out at and please subscribe to I follow back! 🙂

  • “Thou shalt be able to aquire superhuman powers from time to time!” Lol #1 can be taxing, great tips that can benefit both relaxed and natural ladies 🙂

  • Li

    Please do more post about your hair and how you style it now when it is natural.

    • Hey Li! I hear ya girl, I just took my weave down so a few videos and posts are sure to come! Thanks for always supporting, I appreciate you 🙂

  • AudacitytobeYou

    These are all awesome! I transitioned for 15 months and then did the big chop. Now I am three years natural and loving it!