Summer Curls | Perm Rod Set

Summer Curls | Perm Rod Set


Remember my epic fail at attempting a flexirod set earlier in my transition?  And what I didn’t share is that I also attempted curlformers as well (I also tried them while fully relaxed also…still can’t get it) and it too was an epic fail.  As great as I was at rod sets while fully relaxed, I truly struggled to find a good curly hair style for my transitioning hair.  I only wish I tried perm rods sooner!!!  The curls from this perm rod set lasted three weeks before I washed my hair – and even then my cousin told me it still looked good!  Of all the ‘dos I’ve shared the past two years, I think this by far is the best transitioning hairstyle to blend both textures.

I’ve been dying to try some products by Curls and you may remember I shared a few items in my last haul, so I decided to test out the Botanical Curls Gelee for this style.  You can get perm rods in many sizes; I decided to use a mixture of pink and white rods.  I’ve seen a number of tutorials on how to do a perm rod set and one thing I’ve noticed is some ladies use way too many products (in my opinion).  Using excess products only prolongs your drying time and causes build up.  Keep it simple…

How to Perm Rods Natural Hair 4c Transitioning Hair - Longing 4 Length

I can definitely say the Botanical Curls Gelee will be a staple in my styling products.  I loved how long the curls lasted, but they were soft and shiny too!  It’s funny that now that most of my hair is natural, I get much better results starting with dry hair; while relaxed, trying to roller set anything less than saturated hair would be a disaster.  One of the very few differences I’ve noticed since transitioning.  Check out the tutorial below:

To preserve the style, I simply pineappled at night and the curls lasted and lasted!  When it got a little frizzy, I just slicked it into a puff and got another week of wear out of it.

how to perm rods natural hair transitioning hair transitioning hairstyles 4c natural hair

I only wish I’d learned that using perm rods would give me a totally different result and experience with my transitioning hair versus flexirods.  If you are struggling with finding transitioning hairstyles – try perm rods.  The tutorial shows the results and the seamless transition between my natural and relaxed hair – this style by far has had the least difference between the two textures.

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

  • Ebony, I loveeeeee the results !!!

  • oh wow! to die for! You hair is on fire!

  • I used to love perm rod sets. Your turned out so cute. Girl, I understand with curlformers. I was too afraid to even try them out. lol

  • Sherisys

    I love it!! I’m enjoying my twa right now, but when my hair starts growing, I will definitely try this style!