Transitioning Hairstyle Tutorial | Wash Day with Good Hair in a Bottle

Transitioning Hairstyle Tutorial | Wash Day with Good Hair in a Bottle

transitioning hairstyle tutorial for medium hair

Despite being almost 1.5 years post-relaxer, I have not done a lot of transitioning hairstyles.  At one time, my hallmark was creativity with styling my hair every week, but early on in my stretch-turned-transition, I decided the best approach (to preserve my sanity) was to simply leave it alone.  So I’ve been mostly protective styling and relying on stylists to create fabulous updos or rocked straight styles whenever I wore my hair out.  I hinted last week that I needed a break from fake hair, so I decided to do just that.  Plus, eventually all my relaxed ends will be trimmed away so I wanted to begin experimenting with more textured looks.

Transitioning Hairstyle Updo - Longing 4 Length - Good Hair Is - Good Hair in a Bottle Review

This week’s wash day features Good Hair in a Bottle products AND an exciting announcement:  I am one of GHIB’s newest ambassadors!  I worked with this company last year and really enjoyed their products so, I had no qualms accepting the position.  Over the next few months, you will see me feature their products in various tutorials.

Now for the wash day:

  • Shampoo:  I began this week by shampooing three times with Good Hair is CLEAN shampoo.  I was following my normal wig regimen and therefore had not washed my hair for about a month.  I normally do not wash more than twice but when my hair hasn’t had water touch it for this long, I want to make sure not only my hair but my scalp is clean.  This shampoo is perfect because despite so many lathers, my hair did not feel stripped and did not tangle! #Winning!
  • Condition: I applied the Good Hair is NOURISHED conditioner in sections on damp hair.  After my hair was thoroughly saturated, I detangled using my fingers and a wide tooth comb, then twisted it in large sections and sat under a heating cap for 15 minutes.  Results were super soft, easy to detangle hair.
  • Stretch:  After rinsing the conditioner, I did a combination of twists and plaits to stretch my hair as it dried.  I actually left them in for two days and rocked a wig until I had time to complete the look.  Never underestimate the convenience of wigs ladies!
  • Style:  Lastly, I used Good Hair is RESILIENT styling foam to create this easy updo which works really well for transitioning hair because most of your hair is protected but the bang area still gives plenty of fierce style.
  • Finish:  I added edge controlling gel to my edges and nape to smooth the kinks around my perimeter and lastly finished the look with a bit of shine using Good Hair is BRILLIANT Buriti oil mist.

You can watch me create the look from start to finish as well as check out my texture, shrinkage and how much relaxed hair I have left in the tutorial below:

Something that has always been a struggle for me is parting in straight, even sections – I have to work on that! I had to adjust to the thickness of my natural texture as I was flat twisting as well.  However, this look is completely transferable to all hair types.  There are no “transitioning hairstyles” or “natural/relaxed hairstyles.”  The techniques are all the same, they just have to be tweaked for your hair.  Same with products.  Yes, Good Hair in a Bottle created their products for natural hair, however the gentle shampoo, moisturizing conditioner, and soft hold foam will work for anyone interested in healthy hair!

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  • Awesome hairstyle!!! Very creative. I struggle with creating straight parts & braiding/twisting my hair and I’m only 28 weeks post.

    • Thanks Jay! I know right? Whenever my relaxer was fresh, my parts were on point, the more NG I have the more difficult it becomes for me to get neat parts!

      • I.Q

        Hey cuz, it’s Ivy, we really need to talk, you know I make my own hair and skin products for the natural you, I love your site, why am I just seeing this? But congrats, I have a brand for you to share.

  • I love it! How were you able to preserve the look for a week? I mean what was your nightly routine while rocking this style?

  • Tomes Edition

    I love the updo, it’s so simple and gorgeous!