My Transitioning Hairstyles + Favorite Products for Both Textures

My Transitioning Hairstyles + Favorite Products for Both Textures


Since having my hair cut a few weeks ago, I have enjoyed my hair and am learning what transitioning hairstyles work best for me.   The shorter length and incredible amount of new growth took some  getting used to but I am happy to report that I did not have any problems the three weeks I wore my hair out.  I fully intended to take better photos to chronicle all the styles I’ve been wearing but my cell phone selfies will have to suffice, sorry! Promise I’ll do better!

Clip In Hair Extensions Transitioning Hairstyles - Longing 4 Length

First off, you may remember I straightened my hair when I had it cut.  While straight, I added a few clip-in hair extensions and rolled on flexirods for a full glam look.  To maintain the straight look, I moisturized with Bee Mine Hair & Scalp Moisturizer and wrapped my hair at night.  As the roots began to revert, I didn’t fight it and instead began spraying with Jane Carter Moisture Mist, followed by Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and sealed with Jane Carter Nourish N’ Shine.  This technically is my modified LOC method which kept my hair – both relaxed length and natural new growth – incredibly soft.  Each of these products have been favorites for quite some time; they keep my hair soft, moisturized and tangle-free.  Even after three weeks of not washing my hair, it never felt dry or brittle.

Transitioning Hairstyles - Longing 4 Length

My go-to transitioning hairstyles have been goddess braids, which I normally wear for a few days then release into a braidout.  My new growth does shrink quite a bit, but I didn’t mind being back at neck length! lol.  I also rocked a twistout for a few days, my favorite look was when the waves were pulled up for sort of a faux-side-hawk look.  Everybody thought it was super cute.

The key to maintaining both textures when my hair is out is keeping my hair moisturized, the new growth stretched and not to try to fight it by pulling too tightly or applying a bunch of products.  For me, months 4-6 were really rough and I normally would have ended my relaxer stretch at that time so as not to cause more harm than good.  This time, since I was deciding whether or not I would transition, I pushed through that phase.  Now that I have a considerable amount of new growth at 8 months post, it seems to be easier to manage.

Remember transitioning hairstyles can also be worn to stretch your relaxers.

As I always say, there really isn’t that much difference between relaxed and natural hair – we’re all just trying to keep it healthy.

  • I love your goddess braid 🙂

    I totally agree with you on relaxed and natural hair, I’m relaxed and my daughter is natural but we do the same things to our hair on a daily and weekly basis.

    • Thank you, that’s my fave go-to when all else fails! lol. And re: your daughter, right?! We still have to wash, DC, moisturize, detangle – I’m so over the division!