Trump Is In Office, So What Does That Mean for Your Hair...

Trump Is In Office, So What Does That Mean for Your Hair Journey?


trump_flicker_face_yess-600x300 Title seems a little strange, right?  It seems we cannot escape the shenanigans and tomfoolery of Donald Trump, whom I shall refer to as 45….like a prisoner because the 45th presidency feels like we have all been sentenced to a four year bid. Even if you live outside of the United States, #45 has been affecting you too.  Insulting other world leaders, having United States residents stranded in your countries, insulting what may be your religion…I could go on, but I won’t. The point is every day, we see, hear or read about something else idiotic 45 has done.  So how does this fluke of an electoral choice affect your hair journey?

It’s simple.  I have always promoted and supported Black owned hair businesses.  Every single time I share a post about the importance of supporting Black businesses, some ignorant simpleton innocently unaware person comments “I don’t see what buying Black owned hair products has to do with anything” or “I don’t care who makes the product, as long as it works.”

Every single time I shake my head with sadness.  It is 2017. When are WE as a whole going to recognize the importance of having economical power.  Look at 45…he comes from a rich family. He’s rich. He’s putting people into office who are rich. Unfortunately, they aren’t just rich, they are immoral, unqualified and corrupt, but I digress.  The point is he’s rich and despite having zero qualifications he was able to secure the most powerful human position in the world.  I stress human because we all know God trumps Trump.


Keeping our money in our community is one of the most powerful ways to fight oppression. Our civil rights leaders have preached this for years.  Recycle Black dollars, build black businesses, buy Black, minoritize your money…whichever slogan you like, it fits the bill.  Even when it seems like something trivial that does not even matter, like hair products, let’s not forget the black hair care industry is a HALF TRILLION DOLLAR business, and that figure is from 2014!  Since that time more black owned hair companies have started!  In fact there are so many quality brands that I haven’t even had time to try a fraction of them!

I’ve posted about my favorite black owned hair care companies and I will continue to promote and support as many as I possibly can.  There are two complete hair care lines that I personally have used and support:

Nouritress:  However you wear your hair, relaxed, natural, braided, weaved, loc’d, twisted, short or long – Nouritress has a product for you.  They specialize in hair growth and restoration and I have been faithfully taking my daily Perfect Hair Vitamins Plus since the start of the year so I’ll be able to personally share my results soon.  Nouritress offers professional and consumer products and was founded in 1998 by Deshawn Bullard.  I love this brand and will continue to support, purchase and promote.

Design Essentials:  Little known fact, DE is indeed Black owned and operated.  Like Nouritress, DE offers both professional and consumer products for every style choice under the sun. I love their edge control in particular and their lo-lye relaxer.


There are tons of additional black owned brands and businesses as well as lists compiled by other blogs and publications, so mine is by no means comprehensive.  Just an idea of where to start next time you are taking a romantic stroll down the hair aisle or doing some online shopping (listed alphabetically):

  1. Alikay Naturals
  2. Bee Mine Organics
  3. Camille Rose Naturals
  4. Coco Curl
  5. Curls
  6. Dudley’s
  7. EDEN Body Works
  8. Entwine Couture
  9. Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush
  10. Fountain Oils
  11. Hairfinity
  12. Hydratherma Naturals
  13. Indique Hair
  14. Jane Carter Solutions
  15. Karen’s Body Beautiful
  16. Kinky Curly
  17. Kinky Kashmere
  18. Kinky Tresses
  19. Koils by Nature
  20. Latched + Hooked
  21. Luster’s
  22. Luxe Therapy
  23. Mielle Organics
  24. Miss Jessie’s
  25. Obia Naturals
  26. Oyin Handmade
  27. Qhemet Biologics
  28. Shea Moisture
  29. Silk Dreams
  30. Silk Hydration by L. Jones
  31. Soultanicals
  32. Talijah Waajid
  33. TGIN (Thank God It’s Natural)
  34. The Mane Choice
  35. Tropic Isle Living
  36. Uncle Funky’s Daughter
  37. Wonder Curl