Tutorial: Victory Roll Updo on Braidout Hair

Tutorial: Victory Roll Updo on Braidout Hair

Victory Roll Updo

I saw the above style in this month’s issue of Sophisticate’s Black Hair and immediately knew I wanted to try my hand at it.  I decided to go with more of a victory roll updo type of look because I didn’t feel like adding synthetic hair as “filling”.  Pardon the fold in the inspiration photo, I marked the page!  I don’t feel I nailed the look, victory rolls are a bit more difficult than I realized…I will be trying it again soon.  A change from buns, but an equally good protective style.

victory roll updo

I recorded the process and unfortunately it is in two parts.  I do not like doing long videos and dislike two-part vids also but it was the lesser of the two evils in my opinion!  Anyway, to see how I created this look take a look at the videos below.  Part I shows how I prepped with a four cornrow braidout and gives a few tips for getting defined waves, Part II is the actual styling tutorial for the victory roll updo.  Enjoy!

Part I
Part II