Wash Day | Faithful Twist Out

Wash Day | Faithful Twist Out


For years, I’ve always wanted to perfect the twist out. I love all heat-free textured styles but I found that braid outs worked better while my hair was relaxed yet as a newly naturalista, I’m loving the twistout!  I have so many styles I want to experiment with, but honestly my twist out is pretty fail-proof and I’m usually short on time so I just go for what I know, and the twist out….I know! (sorry for the picture quality…all cell phone pics)

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To begin, I shampooed my hair twice with KeraCare detangling shampoo and finished the bottle!!! #winning!  Next, I applied Bee Mine Bee-U-ti-Ful moisturizing deep conditioner, then sat for about 20 minutes using my Hot Heads Deep Conditioning cap.  After applying the conditioner, I twisted my hair in sections to evenly distribute the product and keep my hair manageable for the rest of my wash day.  I rinse my hair in sections as well, then when I finished, I blow dried each section using the Kiss Ceramic Handless Blow Dryer.  This blow dryer is so awesome!

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I cannot tell ya’ll how happy I am to have transitioned for two years without big-chopping before I was ready.  Even though my hair is still shorter than I’m used to, I have plenty of length to style and enjoy.  As usual, I followed the LOC Method for my styling routine with the following products:

LOC Method, L.O.C. Method Longing 4 Length


1 – Liquid) Bee Mine Juicy Spritz (+ a dab of Luscious cream to my ends) 2 – Oil) Grapeseed Oil 3 – Cream) African Pride Shea Butter Miracle Curl Styling Custard.  Now that I am changing my focus back to retention again, I wanted to make sure my ends were well moisturized and nothing does that better than my Bee Mine Luscious cream!   Also, I’m experimenting with a few pocketbook friendly styling items and I really enjoy this custard – more to come, of course.  Next I flat twisted the majority of my hair, leaving an area out in the middle that was two strand twisted for extra volume.  Perm rods were added to the ends and I sat under my hooded dryer for about 15 minutes and my hair was completely dry.  I love my dryer….I can’t imaging life without it!

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I’ve learned I’m much better with flat twists than free two strand twists.  My results are more consistent and I feel I get more stretch with flat twists.  Normally I choose a flat twisted style that I can wear for a few days, if not all week, then release the resulting curls on the weekends.  Today, though, I had plans the same night so I finished the style and took the twists out the same day.  As usual, I’m loving the results.  Even if I’m starting to become predictable, and dare I say, boring with my hair?!

twist out on 4c hair, Twist out type 4 natural hair, how to twist out hair, how to do a good twist out longing 4 length ebonycprincess-001

Oh, and those edges?  Design Essentials Sleek Max Edge Control – Maximum Hold.  Yes ma’am!  One of my faves when I need them LAYED, not just tamed!  To maintain, I’ll pineapple for a few nights before pinning up and doing some type of roll and tuck or roll and pin style.  I’m not into retwisting during the week unless I absolutely have to.

  • Don’t Touch The Hair

    Your twist out looks great. Why do you choose to blow dry your hair before twisting?

    • Thank you! I was just in a time crunch so I blew it out first. Most times I don’t, mainly out of laziness!

  • Looking Good, E! You make natural look easy.

  • Beautiful results chica! I never thought to blow out my hair before twisting it! What size perm rods do you use on your ends?

    KLP @ http://www.savingourstrands.com

    • Thanks girl! That’s a great question! Idk, I’ll have to look it up.