Twisted Bun Protective Style

Twisted Bun Protective Style

Twisted Bun Protective Style

Twisted Bun Protective Style

Back with another tutorial for the #L4LPSC (great for the mini-challenge also)!  The inspiration for this ‘twisted bun protective style’ is the woman pictured above – and I have absolutely no idea to whom credit belongs!  I think it was a photo that was pinned on Pinterest, made its way through the blogosphere and now readily turns up in image searches.  *sigh* I really hate when I have no idea whose photo I’m using and if any of you knows, please leave it in the comments below so I can add the appropriate link and watermark!

Twisted Bun Protective Style

Anywhoo – I knew I wanted to recreate the style upon first look.  The woman pictured looks to have thick natural hair and it also appears to be a bit longer than mine, therefore I chose to use synthetic hair to bulk up my twist in the front along with the bun in the back.  Below is a quick tutorial of how I recreated her twisted bun protective style:

Twisted Bun Protective Style Instructions:

  1. Starting with well moisturized hair, finger part the front section of your hair and clip to keep it separate.
  2. Smooth the remaining hair into a medium-low ponytail.
  3. Using a large bobby pin, secure one half pack of synthetic hair into the middle of the front section of your hair.
  4. Create a flat two strand twist with both your hair and the synthetic hair along the front of your head angling from right to left.
  5. Continue to twist the length of the hair all the way to the ends then wrap around your ponytail and pin into place.
  6. Pin the second half of the synthetic hair into your ponytail.
  7. Two strand twist your hair and create a small bun.
  8. With the loose synthetic hair, create a third two strand twist, wrap around your bun and pin into place.
  9. Viola! You are finished!

Twisted Bun Protective Style   twisted bun protective style

  • Robyn Kleinhans

    Isn’t that Sophie Okonedo? From the movie The Secret Life of Bees?

    • IS IT?! You totally solved a mystery because I hate when I can’t credit the person!!! *off to google*

  • Sasha

    Love the bun you recreated. So easy to do. I’ll be buying braiding hair to do it too.

  • HairIAm_Shika

    You are doing your THING with these PS’s!!! It looks great!

  • mrsdjrass

    Uhm…I LOVE this look.

  • Robyn Kleinhans

    I just figured out how I can do this! My own hair will make the tiniest bun, so the synthetic twist won’t go around nicely BUT if I make a small donut bun with the bottom hair and then wrap the twist around THAT…that could work! SO trying it this weekend!

    • YAYYYYYYYYYYY! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, you betta take pics!

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  • This style is FIERCE. It would make a perfect look for church or even date night. I’ll be showing your video to my mom so she can help me achieve this look.

  • Jenna Garrett

    This is such a pretty protective style! Thanks for sharing :o)

  • Georgette E

    I love this style!!

  • Candice

    I love this style, I’m style challenged lol u make it seen effortless