Uniwigs Full Lace Wig Review – Finally Got My Medium Hair!

Uniwigs Full Lace Wig Review – Finally Got My Medium Hair!


This post is a bit lengthy due to the amount of detail provided.  Uniwigs provided the lace wig for review purposes.

Uniwigs Review full lace wig

I’m back as promised in my previous “sneak peek” post to give all of the details on my current protective style, which is a full lace wig from Uniwigs.  This is actually the first full lace wig I’ve worn but because of my obsession with all things hair, I’ve watched YouTubers for years wearing lace wigs and my earlier research on closures also helped me to nail this look at first try. As for the details on the wig, I requested “Jodie” which is a full lace wig with 12″ straight yaki Indian remy hair.  Just as a quick FYI  for those who may not be familiar with the lingo I just spouted: yaki = mimics African American hair, straight but not silk, Indian remy = of Indian origin, 100% human hair but is not virgin so it has undergone some processing to achieve a consistent texture.  Remy also indicates that the cuticles are intact and are aligned in the same direction.  Sidenote:  beauty supply store hair is infamous for using these labels without it being completely true.  However, that does not change their definitions.

About my impression of Uniwigs.  First off, back when they asked me to select a wig to review for them Uniwigs did not offer “glueless” lace wigs.  Therefore the unit I received is full lace with a center stretch panel, but it is meant to be glued down so it did not come equipped with adjustable straps or combs.  Ya’ll know that while I love protective styling with fake hair, there is no way in the world I’m going to risk damaging my hair with adhesive or not being able to reach my hair for daily moisturizing and sealing.  No way.  So, the first thing I had to do was sew elastic and a couple of wig clips into the cap so it would fit snugly and securely.  I should have filmed how I achieved this…but my thought was that those who wish to PURCHASE lace wigs (as opposed to accepting them for review purposes) would just buy a glueless version so there wouldn’t be a need to have to go through these extra steps.   But as an afterthought, I will do a separate video on this process later.

Some of my inspiration…

Secondly, the wig literally has the 12″ hair hand-tied to the lace without any styling or shape to the wig.  Not a problem for me. But there are a lot of women who would prefer not to have to give a full haircut to their wig; adding a few layers is okay but I had to add the shape completely.  As you may remember, I have found inspiration from so many mid-length styles this year, I actually preferred to have free reign over the cut because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to go.


Natural Looking Full Lace Wig

Lastly, I had to tweeze a bit of hair out of the wig to form a natural looking part.  I was unable to record that process due to the awkward angles of trying to tweeze while filming.  But, I will say that instead of trying to simply pluck hair out of the wig, it is more effective to almost “untie” it at the base using tweezers so you remove the hair from the knot rather than just breaking it off.  I made sure not to tweeze in an exact straight line (a mistake I’ve made before with a closure) and to leave a few strands of hair still within the part to give it a natural look.  When I part my real hair, rarely are the parts super precise so I loved the result. I show in the video below, the hair straight out of the box and how I was able to transform it into the final style.

It came together beautifully and I left room to change it up to a shorter, more traditional bob hairstyle in the future if I would like. As for the hair, I really REALLY like the yaki texture, which I prefer to silky hair.  The luster and overall appearance is extremely natural and it holds a curl beautifully.  I only used my curling wand once this week and the curls have fallen into beautiful waves as time went on.  Uniwigs also offers this same hair in a glueless cap wig (“Curlene”) which already has combs attached.


My final thoughts on Uniwigs?  I have absolutely no complaints per se about the wig I received.  I think the hair is beautiful and very natural, the cap fits me well and I LOVE being about to truly hide my hair completely away these last few weeks of my stretch.  I do not mind cutting and styling a wig to best suit me and in fact think EVERYONE should expect to do some styling to any purchased hair – even if you take it to a professional.  I really love the fact that they use REAL images of their actual wigs on the site.  Way to many hair sites use stock images or stolen photos from other companies and their product looks nothing like you expected.  I was not at all surprised with the wig I received, it looked exactly  like the image on the site.  As a customer I would want to see the “starting” photo rather than my own “after” pictures because customers shouldn’t expect their unit to look like mine when they buy.  However, with a price tag of $289.99 I do think it should be more custom than it is.  There are sites that have lace wigs for less that require much less work than the ones offered from Uniwigs.  Does that mean I don’t recommend them?  Absolutely not.  In fact, if a blank canvas is what you want then Uniwigs lace wigs are perfect. Hope you’ve enjoyed my Uniwigs review and discussion on lace wigs in general!  Thanks for reading.