When I Come Unwigged, What’s Next?!

When I Come Unwigged, What’s Next?!


I haven’t updated on MY hair the entire six weeks I’ve been wearing my Owigs full lace unit but I’ve kept up with my simple wig regimen of using my moisturizing spritz and co-washing.  I feel as if I grew about a half inch and hopefully upon take down, won’t suffer any breakage.  I can’t wait to enjoy my hair for a little while and more importantly access its health – specifically speaking my ends.  I do not intend to do a trim, I’d prefer to just give my hair a chance to thicken up on its own and revisit in about six months.  My last trim was a couple of inches after my last touch up in September.  Hopefully I will be able to stick to this – at best I will allow my stylist to dust only the very perimeter if I am in desperate need.

Speaking of my stylist, I’m going home to New Jersey (yay!) which means I’ll have the luxury of someone else doing my hair.  My first appointment is Saturday and I’m going to speak to my stylist and her daughter (who is also a trusted hair professional) about my length plateau and my plans to break through. I’d like to hear their feedback, after all they see and deal with way more heads of hair than I ever will!  I had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to do for this appointment with my own hair as well.  I knew I couldn’t relax my hair because I have not removed my cornrows yet and completed my pre-relaxer routine.  I will be 13 weeks post relaxer on Saturday and as of right now my plan is to have my hair rollerset and press the roots out.  I will also have a protein treatment given at the salon as well.  This will give me a chance to see and enjoy my hair for a week or so, especially for the holidays.

Owigs Full Lace Wig Review (2) (800x450)
This wig did me right!  I love this unit.

What I am really struggling with is what I want to do after that.  I intend to stick to my plan of protective styling with wigs (and maybe a sew-in or two) until I achieve full bra strap length hair which could take anywhere from three to six months.  So my dilemma was if and when I should touch up.  Why relax only to hide my hair away again?  Plus, I am not sure if relaxing my hair is one of the culprits as to why my hair (ends) seem to thin every time I approach or achieve BSL?

I have no intentions to transition, I just want to pinpoint the problem(s) and eliminate them so if long stretches are needed then that is what I will do.  I will be back home in March.  That will make me about six months post relaxer and I can always touch up then – that should be long enough for me to see some progress and make an informed decision then.  So, as of right now, that’s the plan in my head.

What do you ladies think? Anybody else struggling with retaining thick ends past a certain point?  I know Kim of Fancy Flair Lady has been having the same issue around middle back length. Any advice?  I’m all ears.

  • S.O.S Hair

    Thin ends act like roaches. Easy to get. Hard to get rid of. Ha-ha!

    I know that this might sound crazy, but since you have a plan to wig it for a while, I say don’t dare cut another strand of your hair. Then see how your hair looks in the late summer early fall after a 2 inch fresh start cut.

    I’ve hoovered in BSL land for a really long time too. The #struggle is definitely real. But at the same time, I remember that the last 2 inches of my hair have been around for 2-3 years. Three years ago, I was flat ironing by roots daily and still *cringes* relaxing root to tip. I wasn’t nearly as kind to my hair as I am now.

    We’re so in this together chica! Head up!

  • mandy

    Perhaps more protein on your ends? Like a protein leave in and or deep conditioner. I remember reading about the deeper moisture method ( i think its by lady Paladino????? deep conditioning with protein and using your moisturizing deep conditioner as a leave in when doing braids/cornrows?) Alot of people seem to be raving about how good using protein on the ends regularly is! and a thicker sealant like JBCO something about it feels moisturizing and it retains moisture longer. Also a fresh trim (mini) right before you get there. I am transitioning so i am not about the length at the moment! I hope you get past this length too!

  • Anointed Heels

    If you are planning on wigging some more, I’d say wait up on the relaxer. when my hair was relax I use to do it myself, so rinsing was tricky. I’m not sure how but make sure your end are not touching the perm even during the rinsing stage. give them more TLC extra protein and even a bit of silicone product might help. keep up with the protective styling that should make a difference.

    I’m starting to think about the plateau problem myself. the past 2 year since i cut my hair it’s been growing really nice but now it’s at my original length BSL I’ve never been any longer than that so I’m curious if it’s gonna stay there or grow any longer so I smell a “protective journey” in the new year. LOL