Venus Williams Rocks Natural Hair at Australian Open 2015

Venus Williams Rocks Natural Hair at Australian Open 2015


I have been fortunate to be surrounded by truly phenomenal, virtuous women in my family to look to as role models so I have never had much more than distant admiration for celebrities.  However, there are a few exceptions and the Williams sisters definitely break the rule!  I have admired their athleticism, humility, poise under pressure and entrepreneurial spirits for about 15 years.  It doesn’t hurt that I also began playing tennis around the time they stepped into the spotlight seemingly out of no where!  Both women are still competing at the highest level – professionally – in their thirties.  Remarkable!

venus and serena williams 2000

Venus Williams incredible talent has been overshadowed in recent years by the amazing accomplishments of her younger sister, Serena.  I’ll admit that I cried last year when Serena tied as she again made history with her US Open victory, tying as second most singles grand slam titles won in open era.  However, Venus battles a chronic inflammatory disease and STILL has the ability to annihilate women more than ten years younger and is still consistently ranked as one of the top 25 singles players.  And let’s not forget – she hold nine singles grand slam titles herself!

Now that I’ve established my admiration (well, okay more like fawned over) both sisters – let’s talk about their appearance, more specifically their hair.  Every single match, I wonder who styles them.  From the crazy beads, to the unkept looking braids, then wild weaves – it seemed the sisters could never quite get it right.  Off court, they slay!  But on-court?  Not so much.  They are both multi-millionaires and can afford the best of the best so I just don’t understand it!  Why did it always look like they when to their local kitchen beautician for a sew in with a couple of packs of $9.99 weave?

venus williams natural hair Australian Open 2015

Well – Venus has once again changed the game!!!  I was ecstatic to see her rocking her gorgeously, kinky, curly hair this year!  Her hair looks full, healthy and soooooooo much better than anything we’ve ever seen her in before!  I couldn’t stop staring at it as she crushed the ball (and her opponent) throughout her first round matches.  It flung itself from side to side as she moved about the court.  I kept getting distracted by her hair, but this time in a good way, with questioning thoughts about what she uses to maintain her hair.

venus williams natural hair australian open 2015

It reminded me that hair should never be an excuse to not work out.  Look at Venus’s healthy natural hair, despite what we all know must be an extremely grueling training schedule.  However as she took her victorious stroll off the court, I couldn’t help but think “Now, who is going to detangle all of that?!”

What are your thoughts on Venus Williams natural hair?

  • Li

    I just think they have more important things to think about than hair. I am sure when they prepare for a game that the last thing they think about is what they hair should look like. I know it seems impossible when you are a hair obsessed and on hair blogs like we are but the truth is that most people don’t bother too much. I ve never heard any of my friend worrying about what hairstyle to wear when working out or even worse, skipped training because of hair. On blogs I read about people who plan days in advance how to wear the hair when excersizing. So I think that these sisters are uninterested in anything but keeping the hair out of the way.

    • I would agree with you IF it were any other celebrity athletes. However, I know from following these women – Venus in particular – that they do actually sit, plan and think about their hair for matches! Venus has even posted to IG & Twitter asking what style she should wear next, or remarking that she had a hard time deciding. Serena plays every match with extreme winged eyeliner and drawn on brows. They usually post their blinged out nails and revolutionized the game with their fashion choices for matches so I think its fairly safe to say they are concerned about their appearance. They are gorgeous, amazing women – I’m not taking that from them, after all I at my CORE am a true fan who woke up at 2-3 am to watch their matches live. However, my honest criticism is that they could do better with their hair. But I really think THIS looks amazing on Venus!

  • Her hair is beautiful!

  • Adilah

    I absolutely love her natural hair style. I like it better than all the other styles she has worn over the years. You rock Venus.

  • nketiaa

    so glad you are writing about this… I was in shock when I saw her natural hair.I questioned if it was a sew in natural weave, but then I saw a little product in the front like a leave in conditioner. where has she been hiding these natural beautiful locks of her career? Welcome to the world of Naturale Venus!

    • Right???? It looks soooooo good! Always a good thing when people wonder if it’s weave! lol