VIP Luxury Hair Curly to Straight!

VIP Luxury Hair Curly to Straight!


VIP Luxury Hair Review Curly to Straight - Longing 4 Length

Virgin hair is supposed to be able to be straightened…and revert back to its curls (provided you don’t incur any heat damage).  As always, to give you a through review of the hair I’m currently wearing from VIP Luxury Hair, I decided to flat iron it.  Ya’ll.  This. hair. is. gorge!  No product.  No serum.  No spray.  Just beautiful hair!   Check out how easily the waves straightened…

So, I’m getting heavy into the hair review game – or so it feels.  For those who have been following for a while, I’m sure a few are wondering how I feel this hair compares to Perfect Locks Virgin Indian hair I reviewed last year.  After all, I did nothing but rave about that hair, right?  Nothing is worse then hearing every company has beautiful hair, beautiful curls, and is beautiful…blah blah blah!  How unhelpful!  So let me do a quick compare and contrast of the two companies.

The VIP Hair is silkier (but not fine by any means) than the Perfect Locks hair.  One of the reasons I loved Perfect Locks so much was because it was coarse enough to blend seamlessly with my own hair.  That being said, while I would describe the texture of VIP Luxury hair as silky – it has a medium, not high luster and has thick, not fine strands.  VIP’s hair requires ZERO products thus far.  Just water to refresh the curls.  I had to use some curl enhancing/controlling products to keep the Perfect Locks hair manageable throughout the day.  Thus far, I’ve had zero tangling or shedding from the VIP hair.  Perfect Locks’ hair did have some shedding, which I reported during my review although the owner did say they’d revamped their wefting process to eliminate that issue.  With the closure eliminating the “blending” process – my current install is beyond low, it is actually “no” maintenance.

I could not be happier with the hair I have received and highly recommend them thus far.  I’m so happy to have partnered with VIP Luxury hair for the Instagram contest (follow me @EbonyCPrincess) because I truly believe the lucky winner will receive quality, beautiful hair.  If you have any questions, just ask below and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  Thanks for stopping by!

  • Hair Details: Brazilian Wavy – 16, 18″ with a 14″ closure.
  • Mel Stevens

    you are really good straightening your hair! A great flat iron I got recently is the karmin g3!