VIP Luxury Hair: Install & Contest Info!

VIP Luxury Hair: Install & Contest Info!


You may remember my initial look of the beautiful VIP Luxury Hair several weeks ago.  I just had it installed, and the hair is more gorgeous than I expected!  I’m back on my workout grind to knock off these last pounds and I opted to have a full sew in with a closure to continue my stretch and avoid having to constantly “blend” any leave out, which would undoubtedly involve heat.

VIP Luxury Hair - Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair - Longing 4 Length

The hair and install are gorgeous (is there another synonym I can begin using for ‘gorgeous’?!) and the closure looks natural…well natural for closures.  I did not do anything to the hair – no cutting, no trimming, no product, no bleaching of the knots on the closure.  Nothing.  This is the hair in its truly natural state.  I added concealer to the parted area to camouflage the knots.

VIP Luxury Hair - Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair - Longing 4 Length

Also, the official Instagram contest launches February 1st and it is super easy for you to enter!  You only have to share a total of six photos on the designated days with the appropriate theme.  The photos may be of yourself or someone whose look you admire or would like to duplicate.  At the end of the month, one winner will be randomly selected to win $300 worth of hair!  Here are the official rules:

  1. Follow both @EbonyCPrincess and @VIPLuxuryHair on Instagram.
  2. Share the contest photo to your timeline using the hashtag #VIPValentine by February 1.
  3. Upload a photo with the appropriate theme on the designated day.  Photos do not have to be of yourself.
  4. Always use the hashtag #VIPValentine and directly mention @VIPLuxuryHair on each upload.

For those who wish to “see” the hair, check out the following video for a better look of my install.

Also as mentioned, I previously shared details of the hair straight out of the packaging, as I prepped and washed the hair prior to installation.  For those who are considering purchasing from VIP, this video is worth checking out.

VIP Luxury Hair - Virgin Brazilian Wavy Hair - Longing 4 Length

Hair Details
Texture: Brazilian Wavy, Natural Color
Lengths: 16″- 18″- closure 14″

  • Li

    Looks good! How much did it cost with the length you choose?

    • Thank you! I was sent this hair to review (I just want to be clear) but the Brazilian Wavy hair starts at $100 per bundle. The exact specs in my install costs $250 plus the closure.

      • Li

        Thanks. I’m looking for hair for my niece. She has shoulder length natural hai, mixed race hair. Which would you recommend? This ot Perfect locks that you also did a Review on? She is mixed african/danish so it shouldnt really be indian or chinese or aian har. She wants it to look as natural as possible but this seemed very easy to install.

        • Li

          hi = hair
          aian = asian
          was too fast

  • Tee

    Hi ebony! I live in your area in NJ and I wondering if you would mind sharing who does your installs. Thanks so much!

    • Hi Tee, I actually don’t currently live in NJ (although you can’t tell for all my visits home lately). But the stylist I reference as being my trusted go-to whenever I’m home, who does all my touch ups, trims and such are Deborah and her daughter Keisha. They are knowledgeable women who REALLY care about the health of your hair. For a sew in specifically, I’d recommend Keisha because she’s a bit better with different patterns and cutting is her forte. The best number to reach her is: 440-258-4760, let them know Ebony sent ya! Keisha is the one responsible for the look in last year’s sew in bob –

  • S.O.S Hair

    Amazeball giveaway Ebony!

  • Love it!!!

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