VOTE NOW – Rollersetting Challenge Results!

VOTE NOW – Rollersetting Challenge Results!


I know you are thinking “Bout dang time Ebony!” And you are right it certainly IS about time!  I actually was waiting for a few more ladies who I know for a fact completed the entire challenge – Ellegant Elle, Shika (Hair I Am World) and BlutifulBlaq just to name a few.  Also, one of the sponsors was really unresponsive towards the end as well.  But, we know what excuses are right?  Anyway, if you still want to submit your ending photos, I will accept them until 8/7/12.  So moving right along, those that submitted their ending photos had amazing results – I don’t know how you are going to choose!  And I say YOU because it really is up to you!  Well, without further adieu…

Kim @ Fancy Flair Lady
If I could have her hair, just for a day…I’d probably change my hairstyle like a billion times in that 24 hour period!  So gorgeous!

Deb @ Prettiful Me
The improvement is sooooo evident!  Thickness and length retention, go on girl!

From Mrs. to Mom
You are like a sneeze away from BSL!  And I’ve always envied your hair color (its natural ladies!).

LaQT/Ty – Relaxed > Long Way 2 Grow
Relaxed AND colored AND healthy?!  Amazing!!!  Look at those ends too!

Jeni @ Just Grow Already
Ya’ll know I stan for Jeni’s hair anyway.  I would gladly take the before photo but the ending pic is simply gorge!
Blutifully Blaq Hair
Look at her retention!!! Great job! Thanks for sending in your pic!
Now for the criteria and prize packages:
HCIC – Head Chick in Charge
The best overall results of the challenge
Grand Prize
Luxury Remy Clip-In Hair Extensions from Tonsure Hair (texture, length of your choice)
Comb of your choice from Hercules Sagemann
$25 Gift Certificate from Bee Mine Products
4 Jelly Nail Polishes by Sally Hansen
Most Improved
First Prize
Kerapro Conditioner
Comb of your choice from Hercules Sagemann
4 Jelly Nail Polishes by Sally Hansen
Conair Soft Touch Satin Rollers
A very large thank you to both sponsors:
Obviously you know I love and support both of these wonderful companies!
Okay, get to voting!  Tell your friends to come through and vote too!  If you tweet about it, please add the hashtag #L4Lhair, makes it easier for me to find to re-tweet.  You have one month, unless ya’ll think that is too long?
Thank you everyone for your participation and support, many who didn’t sign up for the challenge came by and commented on many of our blog posts.  I appreciate it!  I promise the next challenge I’ll be much faster with prize notifications and results…I’ve already researched a better system!
I’ve had a few requests to please host another challenge, are there any specific ideas?

  • Kim

    Great job to all of the ladies who participated in this challenge. I had so much fun with it and because of it, I have been rollersetting a lot more often. Thanks for hosting this challenge, ECP!

    Ebony, where are your pictures?

    • You are welcome! My results were posted in June, I even did a video update to finish it off!

  • Kim

    I like that the word verification is gone! It makes commenting so easy! *happy dance*

    • Yay for noticing! Yeah a few people mentioned that they find in annoying and I like commenting without it too.

  • These ladies’ hair results are awesome. Go healthy hair!!!

    BTW, I LOVE your new blog layout. I so need an update like yester-year!!!

  • LV

    these photos are so inspiring. I remember when I did the big chop five years ago. I never thought I would stop relaxing my hair, but I am so glad I did.

  • I love all these photos! I really need to share this with a relaxed coworker and let her know that her hair can be healthy and grow. For some reason people fall into this mess thinking there hair will only get to one length and then that’s it. Thanks for sharing!

  • Lesley (Fresh Lengths)

    All of these photos are gorgeous and every one of them has made great progress! Wonderful post

  • everyone is so beautiful!! #hairenvy!! Love the blog!!

  • Kelly


  • Fashion Pad

    Great results from all the ladies. I love how thick @Jeni’s hair is!

  • vanessa Jay

    Found this blog at the right time. awesome results!

  • Kelly

    love love

  • great post! this is awesome

  • Great post. I love your blog’s template.