Wand Curls Without A Curling Wand Tutorial

Wand Curls Without A Curling Wand Tutorial



This post is for all the ladies who – like me for a LONG time – do not see the value in purchasing a curling wand, or simply haven’t taken the splurge yet.  I understand, trust me!  For the longest time I held off purchasing one because I figured I already had an arsenal of various sized curling irons plus my flat iron which can also be used to create curls.  Plus, being all about healthy hair the way I am…how often do I use direct heat ANYWAY?  Well, I finally broke down and purchased an interchangeable curling wand, which I love, but you can actually achieve the same look with your regular ol’ curling iron.  Below I show you how I created a head full of spiral curls easily using my Revlon curling iron – which only costs about $10.

Yep, I’m still rocking the same Brazilian wavy texture from VIP Luxury Hair.  Just to reiterate, I did not need to straighten the hair first – it probably holds the curls better without straightening to be honest.  I’ll be back with an update on how long the curls lasted – I know those interested in purchasing are probably interested to know how well the hair holds a curl, don’t worry – I’ll keep you posted!  Today is the day one of the Instagram challenge and the theme is CURLLLLLLLSSSSSSSS!  This definitely fits the bill, right?

Hair Fully Curled:

Curling Wand Tutorial - Longing 4 Length - Ebony-C-Princess

By the way, if you are interested in the makeup look – I have a quick video posted on my YouTube channel (EbonyCPrincess).  I try to share different information on my various social media accounts, so every single video doesn’t always end up posted here to L4L if its not specifically hair related.  Most of the time, following the blog is the best way to get everything, but if you do have a YouTube or Google Plus account, you may want to subscribe to my channel for additional hair and beauty talk.

After Finger Combing to Style:

What do you think?  I love the results!