Wanna See My Hair? Weave Take-Down!

Wanna See My Hair? Weave Take-Down!


Hey ladies! I know I’ve been gone for a minute, but now I’m back for the take-down (true Lil’ Kim fans just heard the beat drop in their heads)!  My hair has been in witness protection for what seems like forever, and although I won’t be wearing it out for long, its nice to actually SEE it and say hello! 🙂

I removed my install with the Ten Minute Sew In and rocked the same set of braids with my new love, the Eva Wigs Kinky Curly unit for about a week.  So, my hair had been braided for eight weeks total which is just about my hair’s maximum time period.  With all the swelling and shrinking hair does from being wet (sweat, washing, moisturizing), after longer than 8 weeks my hair begins to mat and tangle on itself making my take-down disastrous,  no matter how well I cared for my hair during the install.  I lost very little hair during my take-down process – which is a testament to the health of my hair and how well my stylist installed the braids.  I will never be cheap and take the less expensive route again, he is worth every penny! My braids were flat and the interlocking pattern didn’t place any added stress or tension on my ends and I lost less hair during THIS take down than I ever have before.

Shed Hair After Taking Down Weave - Longing 4 Length
This is all the shed I hair I had initially after taking my braids down. I didn’t lose much more throughout the wash day process either!

I followed my normal weave take-down process, then prepooed with EVCO mixed with Joico K-Pak Reconstructor to strengthen my strands before I did any manipulation.  Next, I clarified with Chi Clean Start.  I can’t believe I still have any of this shampoo left…I feel like I’ve been using this same bottle forEVER!  Thirdly, I deep conditioned using Davine’s NouNou Nourishing Repairing Mask (from my High End Product Haul) and I should mention that I positively LOVE this conditioner.  I used it while my hair was tucked away and I could always tell (from my edges which were left out) how soft, manageable and moisturized it left my hair.  Its pricey, but a goodie!  To finish, I blow dried my hair with cool air using the tension method then braided it back up and slapped my Eva Wigs Kinky Curly unit back on.  Lazy? Yes.  Fabulous finished product?  Definitely!

Eva Wigs Kinky Curly Unit
The unit I’ve been wearing lately

Okay, I realize you didn’t exactly see my hair in this post but I found this photo in my phone from just before I had my hair trimmed, braided and tucked away with my last install. I trimmed away about 3 inches, you can see where the breakage affects the thickness at the ends.  Trims while transitioning are painless ESPECIALLY considering I promptly had it braided up and tucked away.  Plus immediately after trimming my entire head looked so much healthier and better.  Never let it be said that I’m the queen of transitioning…lemme tell ya, I’m not.  I absolutely do have breakage, but its okay…once I’m all one texture it won’t be an issue. 🙂

Transitioning Hair Length Check - Longing 4 Length

I’m finding that the more natural hair I have, the easier wash days become – but getting to 1 YEAR POST RELAXER wasn’t easy!  The front of my bangs and sides are completely natural, while the crown area is considerably shorter than the rest of my hair.  This cut happened because of the amount of breakage I was suffering.  Not necessarily from transitioning only, but because those areas had become weaker than the rest of my hair.  So whether I relaxed, stretched, or protective styled it always seemed thinner in the crown which affected the look and health of my hair overall.  I’m hoping that at 24 months (2 years) post relaxer Those shorter areas will have grown out long enough to give me a cute layered look with the rest of my hair being fully relaxer-free.

  • Janelle Marie

    Whether wash day was a breeze or a nightmare can really make or break a transitioner. Glad your journey is going so smoothly! And I’m excited to see your hair when it’s fully natural 🙂

  • Your hair looks great!!!!

  • Your hair still looks healthy and that wig is adorable. I wish my hair ball was that small; I shed like a cat. I stretched for 8 months while I was pregnant, and again considered transitioning, but I’m back to my beloved Mizani! Wishing you continued success on your journey 🙂