Wash Day | 6 Months Post & Relaxer Thoughts

Wash Day | 6 Months Post & Relaxer Thoughts


Since removing my VIP Luxury Hair extensions, I have been keeping my hair in sections first as twists under my wig but also to wash and condition – something I’ve never really done before but find necessary with so much new growth.  This week’s wash day began by applying warm extra virgin coconut oil to my cornrows; this aided in lubrication as I untwisted and also served to prepoo.  As usual, I used my fingers to detangle and remove shed hair as I went.  Then I braided my hair into eight jumbo plaits and kept it sectioned throughout my entire process:

(I went keratin heavy in my product choices to help strengthen the line of demarcation and help stretch my new growth.)

I had a few tangles along the line of demarcation but nothing disastrous.  However, I do have a bit of breakage in my crown where the two textures meet.  I am six months post relaxer and not sure where I want to go from here.  Since I am still struggling to see thickness retained throughout the LENGTH of my hair beyond full APL, I am thinking I should continue stretching.  Why?  Well, I’m wondering if the ends of my hair are being affected by the relaxer run-off effect.  The “run-off effect” is when your previously relaxed hair becomes over-processed (over a period of time) because after each touch up, as you rinse the relaxer from your hair, it runs down the length of previously relaxed hair.  Perhaps I should switch to a milder relaxer?  My new growth is extremely thick and lush, but very tightly coiled.  I am concerned that if I continue to stretch, the extreme difference in the two textures (straight, relaxed hair vs. coiled new growth) will become more problematic.

Owigs Full Lace Wig - Longing 4 Length (2)
Owigs Full Lace Wig – Loving it!!!

On the other hand, I don’t want to relax my hair only to place the added tension of a sew-in on top of it a few weeks later since I am still committed to protective styling until I reach my length and fitness goals.  See my dilemma?  Any advice? My last option is to transition to natural hair, which is also always an idea but not the reason I am currently stretching.  But the idea of having natural hair is appealing because I am seeing too many grey hairs to pluck pop up and if I have to choose between relaxing and coloring my hair to cover the grey (in my case SILVER!!!! ugh!), my choice will be color all day!  So I don’t know what I want to do!

From what I can tell, I am retaining length but I didn’t even stress that too much this wash day. At the moment I am more concerned with my hair’s health and avoiding breakage.  In the meantime, wigs have been a godsend.  I will be having my hair done this week, but after that its back to braids and protective styling.  Of course, I’ll be giving you an update in between.

Thanks in advance for your advice – I’m all ears!

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  • O_O picking up my face, this hair looks amazing girl!!

  • You have “stretching powers!” Lol six months!? That wig looks fab! I love how amazingly natural it looks.

    • No I really don’t – 3.5 of those months my hair has been hidden, LOL! Thanks girlie!

  • Raeshuna Collier

    I would look into this for further research, but what about doing a henna color treatment to tint the gray/silver hair? I have watched a few natural hair ladies do henn treatments, but I don’t see too many relaxed ladies doing it. Maybe I haven’t watched enough videos. But that’s my suggestion. Being 6 months post is no joke. I used to stretch that long, but it was due to laziness. If you choose to relax your hair, I’d suggest wearing a wig for about a month or two until the relaxer gets “old” before putting in a sew-in. That time frame seems look a good time, especially if you have thick new growth like me. Those are just a few of my suggestions.

    • I am on the fence about henna, the reason you don’t see too many relaxed ladies doing it is because it is contraindicated within two weeks of relaxing your hair (before or after). Great advice, thank you so much!

  • Lisa

    Why dont you do a keratin treatment. My favourite is Brazilian Blowout but there are many out there. Then you can tame your new growth, strengthen your line of demarcation and get some extra thinking time. As keratin treatment are non permanent you will get you original hair back after about 13 – 14 washes depending on what shampoo you use. You can also just do it to the roots and down over the line of demarcation if you don’t want to do it to your whole hair.
    If you mix henna with cassia you get a more blackish colour, io e not so henna red.
    No matter what you do, don’t forget to wear your hair out. You say your hair har started to get grey hairs, One day you will look back and miss the dark hair you had and wonder why you hid it. I understand that you want to protect your hair but there will be plenty of time to hid it when it is fully grey 🙂

    • Thanks for the advice! I am considering using a straightening system that contains keratin, not necessarily a BKT simply due to the expense and the fact that I don’t have a trusted salon that specializes in them. But you brought this back to my attention. Thanks so much, I will not forget to enjoy my hair, there are only a few greys now so I *guess* I can deal with it! 😉 Thanks again!

  • Gorgeous wig!
    This is a tricky one because you did say you see breakage at the line of demarcation at the crown. I would say end the stretch at the first sign of breakage because that will lead to the thin ends saga again. Instead, I’d protect protect protect the length of my hair to prevent overprocessing and like you said, use a mild relaxer.
    Whatever you choose, good luck!

    Abbi of BelowtheWaist

    • I agree! I’m so undecided because it seems that area of my hair has been weak for a while. I can’t tell if its the stretching (probably) the run off effect (maybe) or something else I’m doing or not doing. When I go to the salon this week I’ll have a better view…thanks, you’ve given me food for thought!

  • From mrs to Mom

    HOW are you able to fit your hair under a wig in twists? No matter what I do my wig is always puffy due to my hair underneath. Do you have a video of your process?

    • HAHAHA! My hair is slightly puffy but I flat twist it similar to cornrowing but it takes less time and less manipulation. I don’t have a video – yet. But I will try to do one just for you! 🙂

  • Love how simple your wash day process was! And love wig on you! I’m with Abbi on protecting the length of your hair. Applying a conditioner that slightly lowers the pH level of your ends prior to relaxing so that when the relaxer does run off, it will take more “effort” to process the ends because the cuticles there were closed. When I started applying Roux Porosity Control to my ends before relaxing it helped strengthen them against any extra processing from run off.

    • Thanks Jen! RPC on the ends is a great idea, I also was thinking of ordering SAA because I remembered you use them from time to time for the same reasons. Great advice, thank you.

  • You look amazing! I love the wig. How do you wear your hair under the wig? I struggle with stretching so I have no value added advice there but I understand what you’re trying to accomplish and wish you the best. I’d love to transition one day, not sure when that will be though, if ever.

  • S.O.S Hair

    That’s a wig?!? Girl don’t lie to us—it looks so real!

    Congrats on stretching this far! Regardless of the choice to make—you’re hair is gonna be beautiful!


  • I love the wig!!

  • I’m loving that wig, Ebony! And I think the “run-off effect” has a lot to do with why my ends are so thin. Last year, my cousin noticed this and suggested that I coat my hair with a thicker oil (like castor oil) when I relax. It’s helped everything but the longest inch and a half or two. If it wasn’t a shame I would just cut them off. I guess I just want to see more growth so bad that I just can’t part with it all yet smh.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide to do. I love reading about your journey and know that whatever you choose to do will look great!


  • Your wig is amazing!
    Why don’t you try henna or black tea rinses to cover up the greys?
    I have never really thought of my ends and run off relaxer, but you definitely do have a point there. 6 months of stretch is out of this world! Well done!

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