Wash Day: Airdried Bun

Wash Day: Airdried Bun


Airdried BunI’ve not been a woman of my word lately at all!  First, I said I was going to wear wigs and protective style from October to December…but I’ve had my hair out since my touch up.  I had some professional obligations for which I felt most comfortable wearing my own hair so that is the primary reason I haven’t put it away just yet.  Then I said I was going to do a half and half comparison with the Kerastase and Kerapro conditioners, but truthfully I don’t even have a jar of KeraPro on hand – can you believe that?!  Me…a product junkie from WAY back doesn’t have an extra of one of my all time favorite conditioners!  So, forgive me for not sticking to my plans.  I always have the best of intentions but it beez like that sometimes!

Anyways, this week I got back to my full wash day routine: (1) Prepoo with extra virgin coconut oil (2) Wash with Bee Mine Botanical Shampoo (3) Deep condition using Kerastase Nutri-Thermique with my electric heating cap (4) Airdry (5) Styled without direct heat, in this case a boring ol’ bun.

The more I use the Kerastase (this is my fourth use), the more impressed I am.  My hair feels so soft that each week I fear I have moisture overload.  I shed very little and my hair air dries soooooooo silky!  I’m having mixed feelings about this to be honest.  On one hand, I love the way my hair feels.  On the other hand, I hate the fact that I’m falling in love with such an expensive product…although it is on Amazon for a mere $32.  *sigh*  I decided not to think about it and just enjoy using the rest of the jar.  Anyway, I will be wigging it next week.  I need a break without causing breakAGE!  Gotta love wigs, stay tuned for a few reviews!

  • guyanesesista

    Looking good. Girl you’re doing better than me by far. I cowash more than anything now since my time is limited. I’m way overdue for a trim.

    • Girl…I’m in the struggle with you. lol

      • guyanesesista

        Ha! Girl the only thing saving my hair is this wig and mediocre moisturizing schedule. If I was wearing my hair out it would be done for.

  • cute bun!!

  • Nia

    Do you know they discontinued Kerapro? Looks like Kerastese is going to have to be the only option.

    • SHUT UP!!!! I had no clue! OMG MOMMA NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

    • LaToya

      Oh my goodness, I didn’t know this either!! I only have one jar left 🙁 I wonder why they discontinued it.