Wash Day: Braid Take Down Time!

Wash Day: Braid Take Down Time!

Wash Day

After wearing the same set of cornrows under my wig for the entire month of March, I took them down for a really thorough wash day this weekend.  Similar to my weave take down process, I applied grapeeed oil generously to lubricate my strands to minimize tangling and then carefully unbraided each cornrow making sure to remove any shed hair as I worked. I am about 14 weeks post relaxer so I have a lot of new growth and I was expecting a decent amount of shedding but I actually lost less hari after a month of no manipulation then I was expecting.  In my opinion, I lost a small amount of hair during the take down:

wash day
Half came from the back and the other half from the front – pretty even, right?!

As I unbraided my hair, I added a bit more grapeseed oil and Dollar General Moisture Rich conditioner to each section and then created five chunky braids to avoid creating one big matted mess in the shower.  I left the oil and conditioner on overnight and the following day shampooed with Kerapro Shampoo (contains sulfates for a bit of extra cleansing but still non-stripping) and deep conditioned with Kerapro Restorative Treatment (but is that any surprise?).  After rinsing the conditioner, my hair and new growth felt soft and manageable but I did have a bit of detangling to do.  I did lose a fair amount of hair during this process, but again after a month of not combing or manipulating my hair at all, I am not alarmed.

Wash Day
This is kinda gross…but somebody may find it helpful!

To help stretch my new growth, I used my one and only heat pass for the challenge and blow dried using my seamless jumbo rake comb.  After my hair was about 75% dry…I took a picture!  I am not going to lie, I was really anxious to check my length – this is the first time I’ve had this urge!  Even after my light blow dry, I have quite a bit of shrinkage at my roots, it was hard for me to get a good idea of where my length falls.  Sidenote – you should have seen me in the shower tilting my head back so I could grasp a section of my hair to pull it down.  I’m sure it was a comical sight!  I didn’t take a photo with me pulling it completely straight, but here is one with my shrunken roots….mainly to demonstrate how great my ends still look:

Wash Day

I do not plan to get a “trim” with my next touch up but instead will dust my ends myself.  Since my hair was still damp, I created two Goddess Braids (one of my new go-to protective styles), of which I don’t have a picture because quite frankly…I look a bit homely today! lol.

We’re in the home stretch ladies, I hope you are getting ready to take your length check for the end of the L4LpSC!  

  • Simply Into My HAIR

    Sounds like you had a great take down!! Your hair loss was minimal and your ends look good. Y

    Oh, by the way I love a good ‘hair ball’ picture. Keep ’em coming. I find mine REALLY useful for tracking shedding.

    • Thanks, now that you mention it – I think I am better at remembering to track my shedding because you do it regularly on your blog!

  • Tonkabelle

    Your ends are looking great and so even.

    • Thank you! You know it wasn’t easy…I just had the urge to rap “started from the bottom now we here”! LOL!!!

  • Lydz

    Thank God we are in the home stretch I have just about had it with my braids lol can’t wait to take them down. Before this hair journey I could cover my hair for months on end with no problem, I can still do it but I find that since beginning my HHJ I tend to miss my hair:( I can’t wait to wash, deep condition feel the texture lol 2 more weeks ladies 2 more weeks!

    • Girl, yes TWO MORE WEEKS! I have never been great with hiding my hair – only if I was in a weave or braids and that is usually for only two months!

  • Kim Fancy

    I do the same thing with my hair in the shower, lol!

    • LOL! I even laughed at myself because at that point I had so much shrinkage it wasn’t easy but I was determined!

  • Your ends look nice and thick, lovely 🙂
    And I do the same thing in the shower too! I end up getting water everywhere lol

  • BeautifulMe

    Your hair looks great, can’t wait to see your relaxer results! I do the same thing when I wash sometimes. I tried doing it during my last wash, but I had/have way too much shrinkage to even reach my ends.

    • Thank you, I’m excited to relax! And I did too, which is why it was so comical – I swear I nearly pulled a muscle trying to reach my hair whereas when I am freshly relaxed, its easy to do! Lol

  • Brittney

    Hair looks great!
    I can’t wait for the grand reveal (and for the next challenge! I am SOOOOO in on the next one!)


  • Wonder

    Cool. So, when do you intend to relax your hair. Is this wash your pre-relaxer wash? Just wanna know.

    • Within the next couple of weeks. I normally do a protein treatment before relaxing but I’m not sure if I want to wash again before relaxing because my hair is stretched a bit right now from the blow dry and braids. We’ll see!

      • Wonder

        Ok. I’m right behind you! 🙂 I’m 14 weeks post today and DCing @ the moment. Will see how you end your stretch. Good job Ebony!

  • I unofficially followed this challenge and took all of your advice on protective styling. The month of April I had in a half wig and braided the front of my hair. I’m pre pooing right now and will be washing dc’ing under my steam dryer, acv’ing and I don’t know how I want to style as yet. Just want to thank you for all the advice. Great job!

  • Rosina

    Not gross at all, its exactly what I needed to help me realise the hair ball I lost after taking down braids last night was “okay”