Wash Day | Flexi Rods on Transitioning Hair? #Fail

Wash Day | Flexi Rods on Transitioning Hair? #Fail

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Some of my flexi rod hairstyles from the past!

Now ya’ll know I have been hiding my hair throughout the majority of my transition thus far.  Before this wash day, I actually had an appointment to have my hair braided down for my wigs…then decided to cancel so I could play in my hair a bit more.  What REALLY happened is I saw my hair friends Jeni of Just Grow Already and KLP of Saving Our Strands do amazing flexi rod sets on their hair at 60+ weeks post relaxer (I’m bowing down girls, by the way) and they also workout!  Therefore I figured, I had no excuse…after all I think of myself as some what of a flexirod expert (see below) and their styles looked so great, I figured mine would be fiyah too…right?!  #Wrong!!!

flexi rods on transitioning hair, flexi rod tutorial, flexi rods on transitioning hair, flexi rods on relaxed hair, flexi rods on natural hair
Some of my flexi rod hairstyles from the past

Well let’s start from the beginning…My wash day began with 1) a prepoo using EVCO (see Benefits of Coconut Oil for Hair2) wash with KeraCare Hydrating Detangling shampoo (the sulfate-free version) and 3) deep condition with Joico Intense Hydrator using my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap.  I had a relatively easy time detangling my hair so I do believe this combination is a winner, I’ll talk more on the shampoo in a separate review.  Next, I separated my hair into sections using my fingers as I did in my roller set on transitioning hair tutorial and began to rod my hair on alternating yellow and red flexirods.

I fought through the first section and although my initial finger detangling went smoothly….I kept encountering tangles and knots back to back.  They were impossible to work loose, so I ended up basically causing breakage….look at how long some of those strands are in the picture below!  The more rods I got in, the more knots I pulled out.  By the time I got to the second section, I realized I was probably doing more harm than good, even if the style WOULD have been great.  I made the executive decision to remove the rods and go with another plan….braids and my latest trusty wig.

Just SOME of the tangles, knots and breakage I had from attempting this style...
Just SOME of the tangles, knots and breakage I had from attempting this style…

I’m not sure what went wrong at this point, perhaps I allowed my hair to dry too much (without stretching the new growth) but it only went downhill from here.  At one point I had tears in my eyes because I wanted to just quit and cut!  But…of course I can’t walk around with my hair in a shriveled, knotted up mess so I had to continue.  I stopped, took a few deep breaths then called Monet for some encouragement and support!!!  I really wanted to be done with the transition, but knew I would be miserable if I big chopped before I was really ready.  Mo gave the appropriate woo-woo-woo’s but it was the conversation with my guy that really pulled me back from the edge.  He understood my frustration and would have supported my decision to cut prematurely even though he prefers longer hair ON ME.  However, it was this simple statement that changed everything: “Tomorrow is another day….maybe it won’t be so bad then.”  I realized he was right, no need to make myself miserable until my natural hair grows to a length I’m comfortable with.

Thank GOD for this wig!!!
Thank GOD for this wig!!!

So I suffered through blowing it out lightly using tension and then plaited it into 8 jumbo cornrows and plopped my wig on.  *Exhale* Yeah…so much for my bright idea to keep my hair out for a while.  That cancelled hair appointment has been rescheduled and I’m going to have my hair trimmed, braided and hidden again.  Jeni & KLP, I bow to your greatness and ability to style your stretching and transitioning hair.

I wanted to share my FAIL with those of you who think long-term transitioning is easy for everyone.  It is completely possible and with little breakage also.  However, for some of us *raises hand* it is difficult washing and styling my hair every week.  Hence the reason wigs and weave are essential parts of my life right now.  When I finally stepped out, I looked flyy and nobody had a clue about my near meltdown.

  • Niki

    I have to say thanks for this! I am transitioning to natural as well… I am only 7 months post but it has not been easy. The breakage and knots have been a struggle! Almost every blog or youtuber I follow who is transitioning or stretching doesn’t seem to encounter these (or any) problems so I am so happy that it’s not only me! Thanks Ebony!!

    • You are so welcome! And yes, I think in efforts to encourage others’ sometimes bloggers/YouTubers don’t show the “bad”. For me, its hit or miss every time I try to style my hair.

  • Awww BIG HUGS! I’m legit sad you had to endure that wash day 🙁 I’m glad your guy was able to pull you back and talk you out of chopping before you’re ready. And that wig looks FAB on you!

    • Thanks Jen! I felt so dejected!!! lol, thank goodness for a supportive guy…sometimes “they” just don’t get it and I love that he does!

  • Dessy Gt

    love the hairstyle

  • Tomes Edition

    The wig looks great on you. You have a great supporter which is awesome

  • I’m sorry you had so much breakage but your wig looks great.

    • Thanks so much girlie!!!

      • Sure thing!!! 🙂 You made this look so easy though. You wear the heck of those wigs. I need to get like you.

  • Aww sorry hun, it’s definitely easy to forget that transitioning is not a bed of roses for everyone. Step away from the scissors and wig it until you are ready to face you hair again 🙂

    • Yes girl, that is the plan….I wanna be a G and style my hair every week but nope…not gonna happen for me! Wigs it is! lol

  • Mandy

    Glad you’re not giving up! So sorry that you had so much breakage, i would have cried too! But it’s worth it (the longer natural) hair! I chopped off mine in August (I had planned to go at it longer but I couldn’t deal with the dryness or breakage anymore, or the fails at styling my hair, but I was mentally ready to chop at one year post. Don’t chop until you’re ready) ! I like that you are showing your ups and downs, it’s encouraging!

    • Hey Mandy! My goal is 2 years and you are so right, I know I would’ve regretted cutting before I’m ready. Congrats on completing your transition!!!

  • Michelle

    Hi there,I can soo relate. I gave up transitioning and went back to texlaxed hair. Please let me know what the wig you have on is called. Exact details will be appreciated. thank you.

  • S.O.S Hair

    Can I steal your look for the days when I just don’t wanna fool with my hair?!? This wig looks sooo friggin natural!

    It’s totally awesome that you have a ride-or-die team with you that supports, listens, lets you vent about your hair! Your next flexi set will be amazing chica!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience doll!


  • Your wig is super cute!
    And your transition is YOUR OWN. You make it work for you – do what you need to maintain your sanity and don’t sweat it. Both you and your hair will be healthier if you go with what works!

    • Thank you Britt! I completely agree…if hiding it is what works for me, that’s what it shall be!

  • I totally appreciate you sharing your story! We all have those days and it’s good to read about it so we know that we’re not alone! By the way that wig is fabulous!

    • Girl, yes! It’s a bit embarrassing to share but very REAL! lol

  • Don’t Touch The Hair

    Sorry about all the tangles. I’m glad you decided to keep transitioning and your wig looks fantastic.

    • Thank you – yes, at the very least I will finish what I’ve started.

  • Lisa

    You Will reach your goals. You are such a fighter! How long will you transfers for?

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