Wash Day | Flexirod Updo at 6 Months Post Relaxer

Wash Day | Flexirod Updo at 6 Months Post Relaxer

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I went home to New Jersey for a weekend and as I always do whenever I’m home, I visited my trusted stylists!  Let me tell you, the lion mane that is my new growth was in full force and all but roared when I unleashed it from beneath my full lace wig! A bit of history about my hair journey, I was natural until I was 14 and again at 18.  So I am very familiar with my natural texture, unlike some ladies who only have a vague idea of their non-chemically treated hair.  I knew it would be a long, drawn out process and I was NOT up for tackling the challenge on my own!  Sooooo, this is what I took to the salon…


I know most ladies would not trust anyone to detangle their 6 months post relaxed hair from this point, but not me.  For one, I trust my stylists’ knowledge, experience and that they care about the health of my hair.  Two, I feel extremely comfortable being vocal with them if something isn’t going well.  To begin, my stylist Ms. Debbie sprayed my hair with leave-in conditioner and added EVCO and carefully began detangling with wide tooth comb beginning from the ends.  Next her daughter Keisha (also a hairdresser) washed my hair twice then added ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment.  As many of your reminded me after my last wash day post, protein is essential for strengthening the line of demarcation while stretching my relaxer so long.  She followed with the moisturizer and then had to detangle AGAIN! As I said, it was rough but she handled my hair with the patience of Job and moved as slowly as necessary.

6 Months Post Relaxer Transitioning Hair Style - Longing 4 Length1

After detangling, the middle was parted away while the sides and back were very lightly blow dryed to stretch the new growth.  Finally Keisha started in on the style by cornrowing the sides and back into a french braid then using flexirods (blue and a few yellow on the bangs) to set the middle of my hair.  Then came the dreaded dryer time…and it took HOURS for my hair to dry!  I wish I could give them a few Pebco professional dryers!  Whew!  Anyway, after removing the flexirods, she used EVCO to fight frizz as she separated the curls to finish the style.

6 Months Post Relaxer Transitioning Hair Style - Longing 4 Length

I FREAKIN LOVE THE RESULTS!!!! The front isn’t as long as I envisioned because of the bangs I got back in December, but I’m so glad to be rocking my hair and weave/wig free (for the moment).  Plus this style is so low maintenance.  I just clip the middle up, cover with a bonnet at night, fluff the next morning and go!  Of course, I remember to spray with moisturizer to keep it healthy too!

I’m still undecided as to wear I want to go from here, but I have absolutely no shame in admitting that at this point, I am depending on stylists for most things.  Of course I am totally capable of doing this entire style – but not on myself and not at 6 months post.  Although I just “stretching” at this point, I do think this would be a PERFECT transitioning style for those of you who are struggling with growing out your relaxer.

transitioning hair style

If you are in the NJ/Philly/Delaware area and need a salon who cares about the health of your hair and are amazing stylists, creating beautiful looks give a call to Deb’s Creative Style at 440-258-4760 and tell them Ebony sent you. I’ve been their client for over 10 years and my hair was in the best health and length of my life when I patronized them regularly.  *sigh* I miss Jersey!

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The Wash Day Experience
  • Great style! The struggle with 6 month new growth looks real!

    • Thanks Yvonne! And it is…which is why I took the easy way out and went to the shop! hahaha!

  • Girl, you look great!
    And that new growth is insane! Your next length check is going to be great.

    • Thanks sis! I’m hoping so, and that this stretch isn’t doing more harm than good.

  • Special K

    Very Pretty, I love this style on you!=)

  • This style is very cute on you. You’re working it well.

  • JJ

    thanks for the hair stylist recommendation, I may have to take a trip there. I live in NY.

    • You are most welcome. They are in south Jersey, but if you are up for the trip – they won’t disappoint. They treat my hair like fine silk.

  • “Lion man,” “all but roared.” LOL, I burst out laughing at work and tried to snort/cough to cover my laughter before someone looked at me like I was crazy. Look at all that new growth! Such a pretty style on you and I love that it’s so low maintenance.

    • HAHAHAHA! It’s true! If I didn’t know better, I’d say it looked angry at me! lol!

  • Lisa

    Looks so feminine!
    This is a perfect hair style after having worn weaves and wigs for long as it let the scalp breathe freely.
    Love it!

    • Thank you! And yes, it feels good to wear “my” hair for a little bit!

  • Love this style on you, Ebony! I did a similar style a few weeks ago except the top was two-strand twisted. It definitely was low maintenance. It’s great you have a stylist you can trust with all that new growth!

    • Thanks! And I actually thought if the curls got too frizzy, I’d just do a twist out to refresh the look. Yes, those women are true blessings in my life!

  • fujoshifanatic

    Nice ‘do! I totally feel you on the struggle; I am almost finished with month 5 of a 6-month stretch, and it has been a process, especially since I am trying to manage it myself! The upside is that when I finally touch up in May just before my birthday, I’m pretty sure I will be waist length, so that’s what’s keeping me going in this home stretch. 🙂

    • Thank you! My birthday is in May also! Congrats on reaching WSL! I’m already claiming it for you! lol

  • Ebony you slayed that lion! Lovin’ that super practical protective style 🙂

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