Wash Day: Giving Amla A Go!

Wash Day: Giving Amla A Go!

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My reasons for trying Amla:

After doing my research on amla, I knew I would begin to incorporate not only it but other Indian hair products into my hair regimen.  In short, amla has anti-fungal, bacterial and inflammatory properties, strengthens hair at the root, naturally darkens the hair and provides a lustrous shine (see the original post for more information).  I decided to use Amla primarily to prevent (more) grey hairs and give a brilliant shine to my hair.

My process of applying:

My local Indian grocery only had amla powder and amla with mineral oil and a bunch of other additives so…sadly I was stuck using the powder as a trial.  Although the instructions on the box said to mix with water to create a paste, I also found a few articles around the web that stated it could be mixed with coconut oil.  So I also grabbed a jar of coconut oil (not extra virgin) from the Indian market for only $2.99!!!  I mixed the amla powder and coconut oil together to make kind’ve a goop-y concoction.  I parted my hair into four quadrants and poured it directly onto my hair and then spread it evenly throughout by sectioning and smoothing the paste from root to tip with my fingers (I wore gloves).  Then I covered it with two shower caps, sat under my heating cap for about an hour and then allowed it to sit for an additional hour.  Most of the online sources said to leave it on the hair for a few hours…but I wanted to finish my hair the same day so I rinsed after only two hours.

My initial impression:

As I anticipated…I did not enjoy the prep work involved. Some ladies like being product mixologists, but I don’t.  The mixture was messy – a bit like applying color.  As I rinsed the amla mixture from my hair, I noticed the water flowing down the drain was dark brown.  It didn’t stain the tub or anything (mine is white) but kinda came in handy to be able to tell when I had gotten it all out of my hair.  My hair felt very strong…almost as though I’d done a protein treatment.  The most surprising part was that I felt as though my hair was thicker and definitely a bit darker after just one application.  Maybe it is all in my head, but it is honestly the impression I got.  Also, it felt clean.  Like you know how you can use clay masks to clean your face (mud packs, clay masques, etc)?  That’s the best way to describe how my hair felt.  However, after I finished my entire wash day I will proceed to shampoo next time.  I am very anxious to see the results with continued use although I do intend to purchase the Amla/Brahmi oil online so I can forgo the mixing process.

The entire steps of my wash day:

(1) Prepoo with Amla/Coconut oil mix. As I said above this seemed to clean my hair and I didn’t want to strip my hair so I skipped the shampoo.  (2) Deep condition with Vatika Naturals Olive Deep Penetrating Conditioner (3) Applied Aveeno Clear Glaze in shower (4) Applied Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk as a leave in along with Jane Carter Wrap n’ Roll. (5) Wet wrapped my hair extremely smoothly and sat under my hooded dryer for about 30 minutes, then went to bed.  I’m going to have to talk about my wet wrap experience in a separate post because this one is long enough…but I wanted to journal the details on my first time using Amla.


If any of you would like to see exactly how I mixed the Amla powder, let me know and I’ll record a video next time.  Thanks for reading!

  • I wonder how this is on natural hair. I brought some clay wash and I’m thinking about going back to using it soon.

    • LOL! I actually am going to be posting about clays soon. From what I’ve read it works well on natural hair also – but just like most “fads” in the hair community, I don’t know how many ladies are consistent with applying it.

      • I was using some based on a blog Naptural85. She is still consistant, but the problem is apparently with this was you have to use a lot of natural products like for your twist outs and deep conditioners. She is pretty good she mades her on gels, twist out creme, and oils. Me…I have to find the time for that then I can go back because now I’m using stuff i buy at the store that might clash with the clay wash.

        • Ashley

          I use ayurvedic products constantly, and I think they can fit into any hair regimen, all-natural or not. You definitely don’t have to be as all-natural as Naptural85 to benefit from ayurveda! My favorite ways to use ayurvedic products include: doing a rhassoul-amla-brahmi-bhringraj hair mask/pre-poo at least once a month; infusing amla, brahmi, bhringraj and hibiscus powders into my avocado oil, which I use as my daily sealant; and bentonite clay/aloe vera juice pre-poo treatments (these make my curls POP!).

          The trick is to find one or two powders (or oils!) that you love and being consistent. I have found rhassoul to be very, very moisturizing. It gives my hair great shine and body. Amla gives my hair great curl definition (I’m natural). I also find that NOTHING decreases my shedding like my ayurvedic hair masks! Whenever I feel like I am shedding too much, I do an amla-brahmi mask, and it stops the shedding in it’s tracks, every time.

          One other note: As Ebony mentioned, some of these clays and powders can be drying. My trick is to ALWAYS add oil to my clay mixtures. My favorites to use are amla-brahmi oil, hemp oil and Hairveda’s Cocasta Oil. My hair is so much more luxurious after incorporating ayurveda into my routine, and I find that they give me consistent results, every time.

          Ebony, sorry for the long post, but one more suggestion: If you prefer pre-mixed products, you might want to give Shea Moisture’s African Black Soap Purification Hair Masque a try. It is a great pre-poo/cleansing masque, but I also find it very moisturizing and like to use it as a deep conditioner, too. It contains kaolin clay, shea butter, coconut oil, and mango butter, among other yummy ingredients.


  • Mandy

    Now I want to go out and buy some! Lol. How do u like the aveeno glaze?

  • Shawnie

    Thanks for posting; I’m really curious about using Amla, too. I love the fact that it helps with covering grey hair (yea!) and makes the hair shiny. I was trying to curb my desire to try new things on my hair, this Amla sounds like a win win….at least in theory. Looking forward to more updates on it ECP. 🙂

    • LOL! I know, its like now that I’m dabbling in Indian hair products a whole new world has opened to me and I’m trying not to purchase any and everything I’ve ever read or heard about! I will definitely be monitoring my grey hair progress, I swear I have like 30!

  • I used to wet wrap my hair all the time but it took FOREVER to dry

  • Dabney Ross Jones

    I love Amla oil! It is the best! Have you tried the powder? I wash my hair with it once a month. I mix it with Neem Powder. I have notice a significant difference in the quality of my hair! Less shedding! Try it!