Wash Day: Kerastase Conditioner First Impression

Wash Day: Kerastase Conditioner First Impression


Workout. Sweat. Play Tennis. Sweat. Wash Hair. Repeat.

kerastase conditionerI washed my hair this weekend to cleanse the last few days of workout grime away from my hair and prepare it for the same ole routine this week.  Plus, I copped something awesome that just arrived in the mail this week and was super anxious to try it out.  Just a bit of backstory, I began using KeraPro Restorative Treatment (arguably my favorite deep conditioner) out of curiosity about this Kerastase Nutritive Nutri-Thermique Masque, but retailing at $62 it was too expensive.  KeraPro claimed to be comparable at a fraction of the price and I ended up loving it so I abandoned the crazy thoughts of spending so much on one tiny bottle of conditioner.  Well, I caught a deal via Groupon for this acclaimed Kerastase conditioner for over 50% off and I couldn’t wait to crack it open to see if it lives up to the hype (and the price tag).

This wash day I used HairOne to cleanse (since I just clarified a few days ago) then deep conditioned using the Kerastase conditioner.  I applied it liberally, covered with a shower cap then sat under my electric heating cap for twenty minutes.  I air-dried with no leave-ins or other products before styling.

My first impression is a powerful one.  Initially I was concerned because while the conditioner looks and feels thick in the bottle, it did not apply to my hair as such.  Compared to KeraPro, it felt much thinner on my hair and because it is so expensive, I was disappointed because I interpreted that to mean it would require a lot of product.  I coated my hair in sections from root to tip and massaged my hair and scalp to help it to distribute evenly.  While rinsing my hair felt well conditioned but I still wasn’t blown away because I felt

Kerastase Conditioner KeraPro leaves my hair equally soft and moisturized.  The difference came during air-drying.  Initially I planned to air-dry for a few minutes to get the bulk of wetness out of my hair, then apply a leave in spray.  But as it began to dry, I noticed it felt sooooo soft and moisturized!  My hair NEVER airdries feeling smooth, soft and MOISTURIZED without any leave in products.  Plus, it was super lightweight because it had nothing in it!

Normally my naked airdried hair feels a bit thirsty (that’s the best way to describe it) with a bit of crunchiness on my ends which is why I very rarely skip using a leave in. I have never used a conditioner that left my hair feeling this amazing after it was dry without even a tiny amount of additional product being necessary.  KeraPro does an excellent job, but after one use I’m thinking the Kerastase conditioner does one step better.

Next wash day, I’ll be doing a half and half comparison.  I am anxious to see exactly how they measure up directly with one another.  Don’t get me wrong, I am very impressed with Kerastase but a small part of me is still a bit skeptical.  Is the conditioner really that amazing, or is my hair just in excellent condition?  We’ll see!

Anyway, my hair was so straight that on a whim, I decided to lightly flat iron it and wear it out!  I applied a small amount of Optimum Care Heat Protection Polisher then in about 8 jumbo sections straightened and curled my hair.  So much life and body!  Of course I only expect it to last a couple of days due to my workout schedule, but at least I got to enjoy it, however briefly!

Workout. Sweat. Play Tennis. Sweat. Wash Hair. Repeat.

Kerastase Conditioner

  • Ah! I can’t wait to read your side by side comparison! Your hair looks silky!

  • Laurenslolo

    62 $! here in France, this conditionner cost not much than 22 € something like 30 $…

    • REALLY?! I’m super jealous! I suppose it is of French origin.

  • Shawnie Chenelle

    Smooth and silky! I can’t wait to see your healthy hair update/length check post. I just know the results will be amazing. 🙂

  • Looking forward to the comparison. This just remind me that I have a tub of this which I have yet to touch…….over a year now! Isn’t that sad :/

    • Oh my! You should get on it, I think you’ll love it! 🙂

  • Fiona (Love Your Tresses)

    This was exciting! I enjoyed it too but want to try the kerapro now! Haven’t repurchased the Nutritive because of its price tag! Loved the review thus far!

    • Exactly!!! In a way I’m scared because what if I love it?! Then what am I gonna do??? Go broke on conditioner?! lol!

  • Tomes Edition

    Nice review so far but the price tag ouch! Your hair is so shiny and silky .

  • Andrea Bonds

    I think I remember seeing that Groupon deal. I’ve just been so content with my KeraPro. I figured it was just as good. I cannot wait for your comparison now. I’m wondering if it really is worth the large price tag!

  • That side by side is going to be interesting! Looking forward.
    Abbi of http://belowthawaist.blogspot.jp/

  • Robyn

    Holy Moses, that pricetag!! In my currency (Namibia) that would translate to more than N$ 620! That’s a month’s groceries! Damn! In the same breath, it totally blows that we don’t even have the option of finding Kerastese here. Even with it being so expensive, I would still love to have the option, you know. I think I’m going to start going to high end salons and see what they have to offer. One never knows what they might be importing…

  • Tasia S.

    I am dying to try this line. I had it once and sold it because I didnt think it would work. I might go back for it again!