Wash Day | Lazy, Curly & Cute!

Wash Day | Lazy, Curly & Cute!


I still have the braids from my flexirod updo but they are fuzzy and not really presentable for the world.  I was going to redo them, but truth be told, I’m lazy about my hair right now.  I’ve always said lazy can be good provided you are doing the bare minimum of moisturizing, washing and conditioning your hair, which I am, otherwise leaving it alone is actually a great thing.

7 Months Post Relaxer - Longing 4 Length
See all those grays sprouting up?!?! UGHHHHH!

My hair is currently 28 weeks (7 months) post relaxer and unlike a few weeks ago, the state of my hair is completely different.  I strengthened my hair with a hard protein treatment (ApHogee 2-step) last month at the salon, which halted the breakage I was experiencing at my demarcation line (where the natural new growth and relaxed hair meet) and I’ve been moisturizing several times per week with Jane Carter’s Moisture Mist, which has kept my new growth incredibly soft and manageable.  It’s an easy regimen to maintain – simply spritzing my hair to moisturize and leaving it alone – plus my hair seems to be thriving.  Therefore I decided to just keep the braids in for the entire wash day process.

  1. I began by shampooing my hair with Shea Moisture Tahitian Noni & Monoi shampoo, diluted with water in an applicator bottle to make it easier to rinse from the braids.  I absolutely LOVE this shampoo, it is so gentle and smoothing to my hair.  Shea Moisture shampoos are the bomb anyway though, so that is nothing less than what I expected.  
  2. Next, I used my Hot Head conditioning cap to deep condition with Joico K-Pak to provide moisture with some protein – I know my hair likes a good moisture/protein balanced conditioner.  First impression on this conditioner is that it smells wonderful, my hair seemed to like it, but I’m not sure that its performance is superior enough to the ApHogee 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor to justify the price.  However, the fact that its pH matches that of our hair is a definite bonus.
  3. After rinsing the conditioner, I allowed my hair to airdry.  Later, I flat-twisted and curled a small section of my hair on yellow flexirods with Ampro Setting Foam, sprayed the rest of my hair with Jane Carter Moisture Mist then sat under my Pebco hooded dryer.  
  4. After my hair dried, I removed the rods and separated the curls with a bit of coconut oil and decided to wear the u-part wig I made from curly Owigs extensions for a change from my same ol’ straight wig I’ve been rocking.  Great decision, because I feel so cute and am loving the kinky curly look!!!


For those curious about my hair, even with 7 months worth of new growth and in braids, I can tell my hair is growing and length is being retained.  The length, even while braided and unstretched, still hangs below APL so from what I can see, protective styling is working.

Left: Original braided hairstyle. Right: Braids after washing 3 weeks later.
Left: Original braided hairstyle. Right: Braids after washing 3 weeks later.

I also bought a couple of t-shirts from my friend’s blog, Boom Box Life.  Its a blog about hip hop and I love the logos and designs he has, unique and cute.  He asked for me to send him a few pics so I called myself modeling..here’s a few of the pics from my “selfie” photoshoot.  He said it looks like I’ve lost weight since the last time he saw me.  You know that made my day, right?!  Mama’s workin on it!  Anywhooo, check out his t-shirt shop, he has more designs coming soon, great for you or the man in your life.



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