Wash Day: Pre-Relaxer 10 wks Post

Wash Day: Pre-Relaxer 10 wks Post

My last relaxer was on February 12, making me 10 weeks post.  And in all honesty…my new growth has been more than manageable, its been great.  Aside from puffier roots than normal, I’ve had no issues washing, combing, rollersetting or styling my hair.  I’ve not noticed a significant amount of breakage or shedding.  In fact, I was really tempted to continue stretching, but for right now I am comfortable KNOWING that my hair responds well to stretches of 10-12 weeks.  I don’t want to keep going until I actually do see problems, so instead of pushing the envelope I decided to stick with the plan (also one of my 2012 goals) and relax at 11 weeks.
ApHogee Two Step Protein Treatment

So to prep, I followed my normal pre-relaxer routine:  prepoo with ceramide rich oil (hemp seed…using this up), clarify/chelate (Chi Clean Start), apply ApHogee 2-Step Protein Treatment followed by Bee Mine BeeUtiFul moisturizing deep conditioner (to further help restore moisture after the hard protein treatment) and Roux Porosity Control.  Again…this is pretty boring since its what I do before every relaxer but for new followers you may not know!  Hi there! *waves* I must say that my new dryer makes the protein treatment harden WAY faster than my old Gold N’ Hot…I keep finding reasons to love this thing.  

Its important that I clean my hair thoroughly, strengthen and restore hair to its natural pH before relaxing to ensure the best results; These principles are what my pre-relaxer regimen is based upon.  I just received a Huetiful steamer to review, which I used to prepoo and deep condition.  I will do an initial review in about 4 weeks and a more thorough one in 6 months, so be on the lookout for that.  If there is a specific question you have about steaming, its benefits, or anything regarding the Huetiful model in particular please let me know and I will try my absolute best to have an answer for you.
I stopped using my sulfur growth aid this week also because I’ve heard that it can cause relaxers not to process the hair as straight and even cause reversion if you resume use too soon after relaxing.  Since this post is already pretty lengthy, I’ll post my style separately.

These steps are vital for me to get the best relaxer results.  In the past I have been lazy and skipped the protein treatment before, thinking that my hair felt pretty good and that I’d do it after touching up.  It always ended badly with more breakage and shedding than necessary.  So now, I just resign myself to two long wash days back-to-back: the wash before the relaxer and the actual relaxer day.  Well that’s all folks – thanks for reading!!!

  • I’m going to give clarifying a week prior to relaxer a try. This might be one of the reasons why I keep underprocessing my hair, especially in the back.

    I’ve also been meaning to do a hard protein treatment a week prior to relaxer for about a year now and still haven’t managed to do it. I hope to try it one day although I am currently experimenting with using less protein in my regimen.


    • Yes, clarifying can make a big difference. Since you’re using less protein on the regular, then using it before a relaxer may also make a big difference. Its time consuming but I notice a huge difference.

  • Can’t wait for your review on the huetiful steamer. It’s on my wishlist. Did they give you the facial steamer attachment as well?

    • Thanks! Yes they did *happy dance* and I’ve used them both already! lol!

  • I never used to do protein treatments before my relaxer until I read about other ladies doing it. When I did it before my last touch up, I loved how my hair turned out.
    Take care Ebony Princess

    • YAY! another testimonial for pre-relaxer protein treatments! lol, thanks for your comment!

  • I haven’t done a protein treatment the week prior to a touch up in a while which is pretty bad on my part because I can remember my hair benefitting from the adding strength when relaxer day rolled around. I have about 3 weeks left in my stretch but I’ll definitely be doing a protein treatment on week 9. Probably with Nexxus KerapHix or ApHogee 2 Min… I’m terrified of using a hard protein.

    Thanks for the reminder!

    • Girl, I was too lazy for a while but when I finally returned to doing it and saw the huge difference I vowed not to skimp on that step again. I’ve never tried the Nexxus one but I’ve always been curious!

    • Anonymous

      Try the Vitale Revive Positive Link Conditioner; it can be applied prior to relaxing to protect previously relaxed hair and after your relaxer once the relaxer has been rinsed out. I do this method in my salon because not all my clients do a protein treatment before they come in for a relaxer. The results are wonderful. Vitale also has a pre-conditioner to be applied prior to chemical services but its hard to find and needs to dry before the relaxer can be applied. Dudley’s DRC 28, Nexxus Aloxxi Polymeric, Sebastian Penetraitt and Curly Solutions Protein can be used as well but process is like Aphogee…….All but the Dudley’s will leave the hair hard, the others not so much. Good luck

  • BHI

    Are you planning to do a length check after the relaxer or will you stick with the curly looks for the time being?

    • Hey there! Nope, no length checking. I already know I’m just below APL but no where near BSL so I’m going to spare myself the agony of doing an official check. After the RS challenge ends in June I plan on doing another trim and official length check then. Thanks for the question! 🙂