Wash Day: Pre-Relaxer Regimen & Rollerset

Wash Day: Pre-Relaxer Regimen & Rollerset

pre-relaxer regimen

The Protective Styling Challenge officially ends on Monday, April 15th and I am so ready. I am so grateful for all of you hanging in there with me. For the OG’s to my personal HHJ you know I am so not about that long term protective stylin life so you were the push I needed!  So this is the last wash day before my touch up and I followed my normal pre-relaxer regimen:  (1) Prepoo with warm coconut oil (for my own journaling purposes I would like to note I began using a new brand, the Vatika Indian Coconut Oil because it is infused with Amla and other ayervedic hair herbs) (2) Clarify my hair with CHI Clean Start (3) Protein treatment with ApHogee 2 step (4) Apply Roux Porosity Control and rinse.  I like to strengthen my strands before I relax and restore my porosity so I get optimal results.  I did skip an extra moisturizing deep conditioner after the protein treatment because my hair did not feel it was needed.

To be real, I wanted to skip my pre-relaxer regimen altogether.  Looking at that box of Amla Legend and being sick of not rocking my real hair, I was too ready to just slap that relaxer up in my head.  Thank goodness my good sense prevailed and I did not sacrifice what I know keeps my hair its healthiest out of laziness.  However, I did use the last of my ApHogee 2-step so I am looking to replace it with another protein treatment.  I just hate the sticky messiness of the process, ya know?  More on that in a separate post.

I have quite a bit of new growth but it felt SO extremely soft and manageable!  Detangling was even a breeze and I lost a normal amount of hair after two weeks of not combing my hair.  Because I do have so much new growth and I plan to relax next week, I wanted to stretch my roots as much as possible but I did not want to apply heat.  I considered doing a traditional rollerset but thought the manipulation required to part and smooth my hair would do more harm than good at 15 weeks post.  So after detangling I created large sections, sprayed each with plain water and rolled my hair on large purple and green flexirods.

pre-relaxer regimen

Then I sat under my Pebco hooded dryer (soooo excited one of you is going to win one soon!) for about 30 minutes then went to bed.  The next morning I removed the rollers, applied some Bee Mine Deja’s Hair Milk for moisture and fluffed my curls!  The roots are still quite shrunken but I really like the outcome.

pre-relaxer regimen

Since I wasn’t worried about perfectly taut and smooth roots or how well my hair spiraled, this set was super fast and easy to do.  I think I may use this method more often especially with a fresh relaxer, it only took me about 15 minutes to set my hair and of course I love that it did not require any direct heat.   Healthy hair for the win!

  • Mandy

    Nice post, Ebony!

  • The results are so pretty! Your flexi rod sets are my motivation for doing a flexi rod set this month

  • Very nice! How many flexirods did you use? 10?

    • Thanks girlie! I would say I used about 12 – three per quadrant.

  • Wonder

    Yayyyyy. I am sooo copying you this weekend! Haven’t used my flexirods since september!

  • Tonkabelle

    Lovely results at the end!

  • Jenna Garrett

    So cute! Flexi rods are really the best :o)

  • Tanya (MsTbaby8)

    Can you do a review on the new coconut oil that your are using? I really would like to know how it worked and responded to your hair.

    • I will certainly do that….sorry for the late reply. I just bought a second bottle in fact.

  • Pti Kikó

    Nice flexi rod set 🙂 I have those but can never manage to roll them properly and my sets look like a proper mess lol I am used to do the old fashion roller set…but it is such a pain to do for my arms!


    • Girl, you will love them once you get them…they are actually much easier/faster to do than traditional rollersets.