Wash Day: Same ole braids…but time for a new wig!

Wash Day: Same ole braids…but time for a new wig!

Longing 4 Length

I know the end of the challenge has been a lot more boring than the start, and I apologize for that, but I’m 13 weeks post-relaxer!  Ain’t nobody got time to be wrestlin’ with new growth and possibly causing breakage for the sake of being creative with styles, ya know?!  So…as I mentioned in Hair Care Beneath the Wigs, I try to keep the same set of braids in for at least a month to REALLY minimize maniuplation for maximum growth retention.

This week I simply used Hair One to lightly cleanse my hair and then reapplied while in the shower for light conditioning.  Per usual, I felt a refreshing tingle on my scalp and my hair felt soft and moisturized after rinsing the second application.  I love Hair Oneit’s the bomb!  I then applied whipped shea butter to the braids and allowed my hair to airdry.


Nothing special – the next day I resumed wearing Outre Evony, she is hanging on for dear life!  I absolutely love this wig, I will be getting another the next time I need a new half-wig.  Under $20 for a month’s no fuss hairstyle is definitely worth it!

Longing 4 Length

This Sunday will make four weeks of rocking these braids.  Many of you asked if the braids get fuzzy and how I’m able to keep them neat after washing.  There really is no secret.  I’m not aiming for “perfect” hair with this style.  In fact as my braids got older and fuzzier…so did the wig I’m rocking so it really always matched.  I do spray my hair at night with moisturizer which dampens it and then I cover with a scarf to flatten it out, which usually works.  If needed I apply Ampro Silk Edges to the front of my hair to help lay my edges down. That’s it!

Outre Evony

I must admit though, its time to retire ol’ Evony and hide these braids beneath a full wig until I can get them redone!  My next look is going to be a kinky curly type of look…inspired by Brandy.  I’ve mentioned her hair like every other day, right?

best 2012 celebrity hairstyles

If you follow Brandy via Instagram, you’ll see she’s been KILLING the kinky curly look lately!  And actually Brandy isn’t the only one rocking this look – Kelly Rowland did it for most of 2012, Teyana Taylor is known for it along with Solange and most recently Meagan Good!  Seems kinky curly is gonna be the look for the summer.

how to make a u-part wig

Anyway I finished making this u-part wig (just have to add the combs) and I used three bundles of hair.  BUT, this time…I think its gonna be exactly right.  I hope and pray my eyes didn’t envision a look that (once again) I don’t feel comfortable wearing!  I can’t wait to have my braids redone this weekend so I can style this for you and give alllllll the deets!

Protective styling, protective styling, protectiveeeee styling…

This challenge has definitely been a challenge for me, but I’m just so dern proud of us! 😉

  • I think that its amazing that you’ve kept up your braids for 4 weeks!


  • Candice

    4 weeks?! I tried doing 2 and it was an epic fail lol. I had a curly lace front some years ago and rock the hell out of it, I kept trying to get another one but it was always sold out. I got lucky last week and bought two! 😀

    • Yes girl, I keep them in as long as possible…and I love a good deal, can’t wait to see your wigs! I have never mastered the lacefront and am new to closures!

  • Man, Evony looks so good on you! I have tried to wear it so many times after I take my braids out, but it just looks blah. I can’t wait to rock some Teyana Taylor big hair for the summer days on the beach!

    Can’t wait to see more deets on your u-part wig! I like the kinky-curly pattern.