Wash Day | Transitioning Hairstyle Updo (Great for Relaxer Stretchers Too!)

Wash Day | Transitioning Hairstyle Updo (Great for Relaxer Stretchers Too!)


I have no intentions of wearing my hair “loose” too often as I grow out my relaxer, but every now and again between long-term protective styles I get the urge to get a little creative and play in my hair.  I have to make sure its properly conditioned and of course create some cute transitioning hairstyles along the way!

This week, I followed my normal wash day routine for transitioning hair:  1) prepoo with EVCO and Dark & Lovely Knot Out Conditioner 2) shampoo twice with Dark & Lovely Beyond Gentle Sulfate-Free Wash 3) Deep conditioned with a combo of Joico K-Pak Reconstructor and Intense Hydrator using my Hot Head Deep Conditioning Cap 4) Stretch new growth using the tension method and my blow dryer on warm air.  After moisturizing with Bee Mine Luscious Balanced Cream Moisturizer and sealing with grapeseed oil, I cornrowed my hair into about six large braids and wore a new full lace wig.  I just didn’t have time to create the transtioning hairstyle I wanted to rock, so having a good wig or two on hand is essential to my life this days.  I love this wig – details to follow.

transtioning hairstyle

The next day, I decided to whip out my protein-free styling products by Ampro to create the style.  I parted my hair from ear to ear and a triangular area in the front where my bangs are.  On each side, I created three flat twists using Clear Ice Coconut Oil gel and secured the ends with large bobby pins.  Next, I flat twisted my bang area using Clear Ice Foaming Wrap Lotion towards my face and rolled the end on flexirods.  Finally in the back, I created six large braids with the same foaming wrap and rolled the ends on yellow flexirods.  Originally I planned to create a tutorial, but I had so many issues with filming – plus I was short on time yet again – so I had to scrap that idea.  Hopefully my description is enough…

I covered with a satin bonnet and the next morning unrolled and fluffed.  Originally I planned to wear the back down and although I loved the definition and my two textures blended BEAUTIFULLY, the shape with the twists on the side reminded me exactly of a poodle cut.  So I twisted the back up for an updo, slicked the sides with Ampro Silk Edges and here is the final style:

Transitioning Hairstyle Updo - Longing 4 Length

Again, I apologize for not having a video, but once filming goes wrong, there is no “do over” for hair tutorials, ya know? This is the last we’ll see of my hair for a while. Its going back into witness protection now that I’m satisfied  its doing just fine and has been properly conditioned and strengthened with my Joico K-Pak products.  Textured updos seem to work best for my transitioning hair and this style reminds me of the flexirod updo I got at the salon back in March (which I loved):

Transitioning Hair Style Flexirod Updo - Longing 4 Length

Back again linking up with Jen of Just Grow Already and KLP of Saving Our Strands for another #WashDayExperience.  Check out the other ladies’ in the link up, trust you’ll get lots of style inspiration from ladies with hair of all types (relaxed, natural and transitioning) and various lengths!

The wash Day experience badge

Currently, my hair is already back in witness protection and here is my new protective style – it looks like a sew in, but its BETTER than a traditional weave!  Remember the Ten Minute Hollywood Sew In?  Yes, I pulled that back out!  Update coming, of course!

Ten Minute Hollywood Sew In