Wash Day with KERAPRO Restorative Intensive Treatment

Wash Day with KERAPRO Restorative Intensive Treatment

I didn’t post about a wash day last week…did ya notice?  I don’t always give the deets of every single wash but…last week I didn’t because I didn’t wash.  *gasp*  Even after the spraying of hairspray for the bow bun style, I didn’t wash!  Can you believe it?!  I was just busy and tired…and tired and busy.  So I cowashed the hairspray away and wore a halfwig all week and that was it!  My hair felt moisturized most of the week but by Friday, oh my….my scalp felt itchy and my ends felt ROUGH.  And ya’ll know I’m supposed to be washing and DC’ing 2x per week, right?  *le sigh*  And I was doing so well!  Anyway, since I neglected my last week, this week I decided to give it a special treat this week and use my new Kerapro conditioner.  Here’s what I did:
(1) I prepooed with warm EVCO for 24 hours (out of pure laziness…rocked a wig over my double shower caps on Saturday). (2) Clarified with Chi Clean Start, 2 washes.  (3) Deep Conditioned with Kerapro Restorative Intense Treatment for dry to very dry hair.  (4) Applied Roux Porosity Control for one minute. (5) Sprayed ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea

I bought the Kerapro conditioner after seeing this post about LHCF’s Pretty Pink.  Her hair is probably one of the most beautiful relaxed heads of hair I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  Then Nadege (author of Relaxed Hair Health) bought a couple of Kerastase products and sang their praises.  And honestly in the pictures she posted, I felt like I could SEE a difference in her hair.  I’ve been following her blog for about two years and her rollerset after using the Kerastase products was one of the most gorgeous I’ve seen on her!  Now I am not in any position to spend $42 on a container of conditioner right now, no matter how good it may be, but since I ran out of AOWC I decided to try the Sally’s version.  After all I got amazing results with Sally’s version of WEN, Hair One.  Plus it contains ceramides in the version of Safflower oil! Whoo hooo!

My initial thoughts?  The Kerapro conditioner is a little pricey for the amount of product.  I know you all are probably saying ECP are you serious?  As much as the Bee Mine conditioner costs you are complaining about $10?  Well…yes.  It is a 5.1 oz jar but is not filled to the top.  So you probably get about 4 oz of product.  It smells perfumey, no particular scent – not citrus nor fruity but just perfumed.  *shrug*  I’m indifferent about that.  I absolutely LOVE the thick consistency of the product.  It looks like a regular cream but when you dip your fingers in, it is incredibly dense and less viscous than any other conditioner I’ve used.  However when you apply it to your hair it spreads incredibly easily and does seem to melt into your hair, which I’ve read is a property attributed to Kerastase conditioners also.  It does contain a fair amount of protein, so I did not bother to use a reconstructor this week.

I applied the conditioner after clarifying in sections, but not small sections.  I massaged it into my scalp and coated my ends extremely well.  I then covered with a plastic cap and sat for 15 minutes with my heating cap on.  The directions say to leave on hair for five minutes…but as heat opens the hair shaft I always think using heat with a DC helps it.  I will be trying it as the directions instruct in the future before I give my “final” review.  A little of this product does seem to go a long way but being the heavy handed person I am – I still used a pretty good amount of it, which is where the price comes in.  I can only foresee getting about 4-5 uses out if it as opposed to my 5 uses per 2 oz sample jar of the Bee Mine conditioner.

And finally for the results! Amazingly soft, strong well moisturized hair that had incredible slip!  I have been having troubles with tangles and knots in my nine week post hair but after coming out from under the heating cap I was able to detangle like a dream!  Losing little hair and encountering very few tangles.  Now, this product literally feels like it has melted into my stands.  Like even after rinsing, which I was sure to do extremely thoroughly – it felt like it was still coating and on my hair.  It reminds me of how my mixture of AOHSR and Parnevu Hair Mayo left my hair feeling, but even BETTER.  Its like the product adhered itself into my strands.  That is the best way I can describe it.  So far I love the results.  Absolutely LOVE the way it left my hair feeling.  I swear if I weren’t looking at the ingredients I would not believe there was any protein found in this product at all.  After drying a bit with a t-shirt I sprayed ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea and sat under my hooded dryer to get the bulk of wetness out and airdried the rest.  Then I blew it out on cool air to smooth and straighten a bit.  Then I applied two nickel sized amounts of Bee Mine Luscious Cream moisturizer (this stuff reigns absolute supreme in my book) and sealed with castor oil. Finally I set it on hot rollers, which because their temperature is below 200F have been shown not to cause any damage.  My ends felt amazing especially after moisturizing and sealing.  Today it feels so smooth and soft I had trouble keeping my hands out of it.  So far so good with Kerapro!

Sorry so long, but I didn’t find any extremely detailed reviews about this product so I decided to be as detailed as possible since this a fairly new product without a lot of info about it out there already.  Keep in mind these are my thoughts after ONE use.  I may or may not still love the feeling of it seeming to still be on my strands as time goes on.  

Here is my hair with only ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea applied and airdried/blow dried on cool air.  Just to show you how it looked before styling. Ends still horribly thin but noticeably smoother IMO.  If not to the naked eye then definitely by touch.  Plus they may be a tad thicker – or maybe that is wishful thinking!

BTW, when did my hair get all the way past the bra strap line?!  I think my head may have been tilted back a bit so I can safely say I am at line 7 at least!  WHOOOP!  If only my ends were thick and full but patience and consistency will get me there!
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    Naughty naughty for missing a wash! But you are right, patience and consistency and you will be there soon.

  • My PJ fingers are itching!! LOL.

    And do you mind posting a video/blog post/something about the hot rollers? I have a set that I have never used on my real hair, only on my weaves. (If you already have one can you direct me to it?)

  • I agree with ^^^ Shika! I’m fighting all my PJ flags!

  • Thanks for sharing!